Ukraine MP grabs Prime Minister and sparks huge brawl during parliamentary debate

Dramatic video has emerged showing an MP present his country’s prime minister with a bunch of flowers before lifting into the air, sparking a huge brawl in parliament.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk had been delivering his annual report to cabinet when an opposition MP Oleh Barna approached the podium with a bunch of what appears to be roses.

Mr Barna then picked up Mr Yatsenyuk and attempted to carry him off, before members of Yatseniuk’s People Front wade in to protect their PM, prompting a fight in the chamber.

Reuters reports that Barna had been collecting signatures from fellow MPs for a resolution of no confidence before approaching Yatsenyuk with the flowers.

Last year, there were several scraps in the pugnacious Ukrainian parliament – including one during a debate about the downed MH17 airliner and a battle between deputy lawmakersover the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine.


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