Peeping Tom on moon given telescope to spy on couples having sex

telescope 425x265A PERVERTED old man living in a crater on the moon is given a telescope to spy on couples having sex in John Lewis’s Christmas advert.

The heart-warming advert, in which a little girl helps a lonely voyeur 238,900 miles from his nearest dogging site find joy again, has already been hailed as “the true meaning of Christmas”.

A John Lewis spokesman said: “Christmas is a time for thinking of others, so spare a thought for the dirty old man on your street whose only sexual gratification will be stuffing his turkey.

“Don’t close the curtains when you get undressed this season. Don’t turn off your hacked webcam before sex, and if someone’s rubbing up against you on the bus let them.

“It’s a gift that costs literally nothing to give but could mean the world to someone spending Christmas alone.”

The advert, which ends with a fast zoom out from the moon to the sound of unzipping and a cackle of filthy laughter, has already doubled sales of telescopes, night-vision goggles and telephoto lenses.


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