Spanish trade delegation visits Senegal and Nigeria to promote its agricultural equipment industry

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The Spanish industry of agricultural and livestock equipment would like to be part of the agricultural development in western and central Africa. A trade delegation supported by AGRAGEX, the association of Spanish manufacturers and exporters, will visit Senegal and Nigeria from June 15th to 20th to promote its innovative and affordable technology and settle long term relations with local importers.

Between June 15th and 20th, leading Spanish manufacturers of agricultural and livestock equipment will visit Senegal and Nigeria to settle and improve commercial relations. Backed by AGRAGEX, the Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its components, Greenhouses and Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health, Forestry Machinery, Biomass and Post-Harvesting Equipment; these companies would like to contribute to African agriculture development wtih its innovative and affordable technology.

Mainly formed by small and medium sized companies, the Spanish industry of agricultural and livestock equipment is worldwide well known for its ability to adapt its products to any kind of market, soil or crop.

Spanish companies provide solutions on the path to the new agriculture trends, merging performance with economic, social and enviromental sustainability. Nothing can be more sustainable than the perfect fit, and Spanish manufacturer’s great flexibility allow them to produce small series of equipment attending any specific market, where big multinationals are unable to serve, due to their inflexible production lines.


Irrigation will be key to agricultural development in Africa and Spain has wolrdwide leading technologies, ready to improve efficiency in water management. Spanish rural areas have been suffering continous lack of water, so that’s the reason its industry has developed innovative solutions to overcome this problem.

AGRAGEX’s trade delegation will offer complete information about the Spanish industry to local importers and dealers interested on this competitive advantages.

Spanish companies that are part of this trade delegation:
-ARTAL Agronutrients, biostimulants, plant nutrition.
-AGRATOR Soil machinery.
-RKD Irrigation.
-IRRITEC Irrigation.
-RAESA Irrigation.
-SOLANO-HORIZONTE Agricultural machinery.
-RUFEPA Greenhouses, plant protection.

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