18-yr-old boy turns himself to police after raping 91-yr-old woman

An 18-year-old boy from the United Kingdom, Kriss Strachan, was so full of repulsion for his act of raping a 91-year-old woman that he reported himself to the police, reports Mirror.

And as a reward for his effort, Strachan has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the crime and told the judge he was so ashamed of what he did.

Police reports that when Strachan walked into the station, he said:

"It was me. I cannot believe I done it. I’m scum."

The elderly woman was left with serious injuries following the attack, but the bigger damage was done to her mental state, according to the report.

Prior to the assault, the woman was described as active and independent, the court heard.

The Judge, Lord Boyd, told the teenager that even though he did the right thing and turned himself in, he still posed a significant risk to the public, and in particular elderly women.

Following 12 years in prison, Strachan will then be supervised for the next 7 years.

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