I am ashamed of African Presidents

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The morning of 31st may 2010 dawned with international media attention on the 25th Franco-African  Summit at Nice, France (31st may -1st  June, 2010). We saw from the media reports, President  Nicholas Sarkozy, welcoming 38 African presidents, having convoked them to his country. One of the key issues on the agenda was the expansion of Africa`s seats as permanent on the UN Security Council.

Points of Interrogation.

Based on the media facts that Sarkozy convoked the African leaders, and as it were, obliging them to leave the soil of Africa for France, one wonders so many things. On what ground does President Nicholas Sarkozy of France convoke all the leaders of Africa ? That these leaders, in their wisest political and diplomatic analyses, made it a point of duty to board their presidential planes for France, paying hommage to Sarkozy, as he gives them a handshake of welcome ? We, Africans claim departing the colonial era, but can we claim not living today in a neo-colonial era, with tendencies of this nature ? With the most loudable agenda being permanent seats in the UN Security Council, perhaps as a cover-up to the real motif ? Of course, Africa had made this demand in several occasions, as it was voiced out in the last UN General Assembly in New York. Why has Sarkozy – France used this point, already put on the table as a cover-point for their agenda of neoclonialism through the françafrique policy of Assimilation ? Why and what is the interest of France in Africa still, with no regrets of the fact that in Africa, its only the francophonie countries that lack behind in, especially political and economic progress ? When has president Nicholas Sarkozy become the president of Africa ?

More so, one wonders  what medical prescription can be effective enough to cure the blindness problem of our African leaders, who left more serious concerns that need more attention in their countries for the Greek-Gift of Nicholas Sarkozy in Nice. Does it not show to the entire world the short-circuited reasoning of the African leaders ? That a single country in the whole of Europe, obliged the whole of Africa to come and pay hommage ; a hommage  to those well-known for the underdevelopment that exists today in most African nations, is certainly unimaginable.

What moral credibility has Sarkozy to convoke Africa for development after putting down policies that keep marginalizing the Africans today in the global sphere ? Is the sufferings of the African migrants on the streets of Paris and all over France a hidden phenomenon in the eyes of Sarkozy`s administration ? That he perhaps pretends or claims ignorance, and goes out to play this politics of deception with Africa and her blind leaders is most outrageous.

Shame to the 38 African Leaders.

It is very difficult to hide my shame over our African leaders who went to answer the call of Sarkozy in Nice. What kind of development for Africa that can be found or be better discussed in a table with Nicholas Sarkozy on the french soil ? How can our presidents forget so easily the histories of France and most African countries where they reigned, and still dominates as colonial masters ? The international diplomatic relationship which should ordinarily exist between EU and AU has now been shamefully reduced to France – Africa.

Even the term for this summit (25th Franco-African Summit) as much insulting as it is in itself to the African continent makes me so ashamed of my beloved Africa through these 38 presidents. Why should Africa and her children be constantly reminded that they are perpetual slaves of the colonial masters in all spheres of life ? In the areas of politics, religion, social development, international justice and otherwise ? In normal circumstances, an equilibrated international relationship exists between continents and continents,  between countries  and countries, or between states and states ;  and not between a country and a continent, neither between an individual and a continent, like we seee now in this Franco-African Summit.

On one hand, stating from the available facts,  there are much holes on the french motifs and intentions for a summit of this kind. And from the other hand, we need to be better clarified before we can better understand this political/diplomatic nonsense been exhibited by our African leaders. In all honesty, if African leaders like Zuma, Wade, Biya, Jonathan, Mubarak, Sirleaf Johnson, Attah-Mills, etc were 10ft tall when we knew them, their presence at this summit has automatically reduced them to 1ft.


I am most sincerely ashamed of our African leaders following the development of these details in the international media. We need to reason better and become wiser. Françafrique is a condemable political opinion.

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