First Conference of Nigerian Students in Scandinavian, University of Tampere, Finland

Tampere (Codewit) 9th – 10th Oct 2009 – The Nigerian students in Scandinavian had their first conference at the University of Tampere, Finland to discuss issues pertinent to National image of the country and a way forward for Nigerian students in Diaspora.

As the central point of discussion in the conference is geared toward the vision of the future of the Nigerian students studying in Diaspora. The students explored  different ways their knowledge and foreign experience can be useful in developing Nigeria Market. According to the President of Nigerian students, Mr. Nnamdi Oguji  who also maintained that the event also serves as a platform for the students to meet with the different Finnish companies who may be willing to offer job opportunities.

Talking with one visitor at the event, she said that she was highly impressed to see young people with innovative and creative minds fighting for their future.The event was attended by a good number of Nigerian students from different universities in Finland and abroad.  Dr. Anthony Okuogume in addressing the students stressed the need for innovation and creative spirit among Nigeria. Dr. Okuogume also explored the business opportunities and investment available for Finnish  companies in Nigeria.The audience

Among the dignitaries present were Ms. Sanna Ovaska, Ilmankos, Hon Kelechi Ansel PDP chairman Finland Chapter, Mr. Harrison Okuogume Kone Corporation and  the Nigerian Embassy representative Mr. Mathias Who also advised the Nigerian students to work hard in their studies and to be prepared to go home to help in developing the Nigeria market. >> Click here to view the pictures of the event.

During the conference, students were divided in groups to brainstorm on any project that can be feasible in Nigeria. A lot of project ideas were suggested. The list below has a few that were selected to be worked on:

   1. Solar Power Systems Developmental Project for Universities in Nigeria

      The solar polar developmental project dealing with Nigeria is a project meant to assist Nigerian universities with their power needs. Thus, it will assist universities in Nigerian to have adequate power supply for running their administrative activities day-to-day. This will reduce the problem of shortage of power supply and inconsistent breakage in power supply. This will also save as a framework for sustainable development worth emulating for the Nigerian Government.

      The stakeholders are Power companies in Finland, Universities in Finland, Universities in Nigeria, Nigerian Government, Ministry of Education Nigeria, Nigerian students etc.

   2. Audio Visual Learning Developmental Projects for Nigerian Universities.

      This project is geared towards providing audio visual learning equipment for academic Institutions in Nigeria. We intend to collect used and donor projectors, computers, photocopying machines, speech recorders etc from Universities, companies and corporate establishment in Finland to send to institutions of learning in Nigeria to help create a veritable learning environment for the students.

   3. Internship and Work Placement Opportunities for Nigerian Students and Nigerian Minded Students in Finland-IWPONS & NIMS Project 2009-2010.

      This project is for Nigerian students studying in Finland seeking work opportunities and internship placement into Nigerian companies, Finnish companies exporting to Nigeria and Finnish companies in Nigeria.The Embassy Reprrsentatives

      The stakeholders are Finnish Universities of applied Sciences, Nigerian companies, Nigerian students, Finnish students, Finnish companies, Respective Students Union of Universities of Applied Sciences Finland, SAMMOK, CIMO, Ministry of Education, Finland, Nigerian students, Finnish Students etc.

      We intend to partner with Nigerian companies as well as Finnish firms established in Nigeria or exporting into Nigeria so that we can provide job placement, research opportunities and internship programs for Nigerian students studying in Finland and Finnish students with interest in the Nigerian Market.

   4. Word Summit of Nigerian students in Diaspora on Sustainable Development November 2010.

      Nigerian students and researchers all over the world will be invited to submit researches dealing with the above subject. The outcome of this summit would be a policy recommendation to our great Nation Nigeria. We intend to bring together the best ideas for this and we shall turn our meetings into intellectual orgies.

      Stake holders include Nigerian embassies in Diaspora, Nigerian government, World health organization, UNESCO, World Bank, Ministries in Nigeria, State Government. NGO’s, Environmental Associations, etc.Dr. Anthony Speaking to Nigerians

   5. Market Research for Finnish Firms intending to enter into the Nigerian Market.

      This is a project meant to provide internationalization services for Finnish firms interested to enter the Nigerian Market. Here Nigerian students will be offering research services for Finnish firms interested to enter into the Nigerian Market. Thus, we form a group of 5-8 students with abilities in the areas of proposed market research to travel to Nigerian to research in specific product opportunity or potential. This research is directed towards product research, supply chain networks, distribution networks, dealer networks, agent’s networks etc.

   6. A Business Magazine Titled-“The best of Finnish firms-Innovative capability of Finnish companies”.

      This magazine is meant to promote and advertised the innovative capabilities of Finnish firms in Nigeria. Through this magazine we intend to advertise finish firms in the Nigerian Markets.

      The stake holders are Nigerian embassies, Nigerian Government parastatals including states and local Governments, Nigerian Companies, NGO’s and investors etc.

      The magazine will be distributed to all companies in Nigeria, Nigerian Government parastatals including states and local Governments, Nigerian Companies, NGO’s and investors.

      Through this medium the association intends to create awareness about the potentials of Finnish firms. This will raise adequate funds for the day to day activities of the Association and other related activities. watch the picture gallery

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