Mocked Blackface in Stockholm Pride Festival!!

stockholm8913Last week the annual pride festival took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

There were three people, one of them which were painted black and the other two had a costume portraying a naked African man and woman. After seeing this, many people are upset and in a few cases people have pressed charges, claiming that it’s racist.

This is nothing new. For example this last year we had the Swedish culture minister, Lena Liljeroth, cutting a cake which portrayed a naked African woman’s body. She cut the genitals of the woman. We also had the situation with the club ”Berns” that just celebrated their 150 year anniversary. They wanted to celebrate different artists that had been performing there over the years. So they used a white woman to impersonate the artist Josephine Baker. They painted the white woman black. The club claimed that they didn’t find a black extra. These are just a few of many cases that have been happening here in Sweden. All of these, and many more, cases have been reported as racist attacks and discrimination.

We in the Uhuru movement, as African internationalists, recognize that this is not a question of racism. It is a question of power.  Racism is the European colonial invention of so-called “races” of people, which puts forth the idea that white people are superior to all other people on planet Earth.  “Racism is the ideology of European and Western imperialism. Racism is the ideas in the heads of white people. Racism was never and will never be the material basis for the exploitation and oppression of Africans and others in the world” – Vanessa Thompson, APSP

As stated by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, APSP,  “Colonialism is real and concrete. It is a human-made condition that can be struggled against”

Now located in three continents around the world, InPDUM has always demanded reparations, state power and self-government for African people worldwide!  InPDUM knows that the politicians in city hall and the white house will never fight for Black Power to the African community. InPDUM knows that it takes revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, wherever we may be, whoever we may be. (

InPDUM is a revolutionary mass organization  which is a part of the international Uhuru Movement. InPDUM Stockholm is calling on every African in Stockholm and surrounding into organization. You can participate in different ways. You can help us to distribute leaflets, write articles, donations, contribute with any skills you may have, everything from cooking to programming.  Any skill that we possess must come into organization, so that we can depend on ourselves and not white power.

We call on every African in Sweden to join InPDUM! If we are ever to see a change in our lives, we need to struggle for power and not acceptance from our oppressors. We cannot “solve” racism, and we have not been able to do so for over 500 years. What we need to change is the power relationship, between those who have and those who aint got.


Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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