Nigeria to partner EU, UNESCO to localize solar technology – Minister

Minister of Science and Technology, Professor Ita Bassey Okon EwaMinister of Science and Technology, Professor Ita  Bassey Okon Ewa has said that the Federal Government through its research agency, SHEDA Science and Technology Complex, Abuja has concluded plans to partner the European Union and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO to enable Nigeria domesticate solar technology in the country.

This he said is part of the ministry’s dream projects to compliment federal government’s effort to ensure steady power supply in the country in line with the realization of the Vision 20 2020 age4nda.

The minister who disclosed this during his facility tour visit at the SHEDA complex in Abuja, expressed satisfaction with the quality of scientific research and achievements recorded by indigenous scientists at the complex, especially in the area of solar energy and agricultural implantation said the issue of power in the country had become very crucial  and believe that Nigeria cannot drive the Vision 20 2020 dream without technology.

He said Nigeria can make breakthroughs if  local scientists are given the right support to commercialise their products and services and also make them available for export.

‘‘We are looking at a situation where we can engage some of the international bodies like European Union, UNESCO to come and partner and drive solar technology here in SHEDA Science and Technology complex. We believe that we cannot drive the Vision 20-2020 dream without technology. Once we have this crucial issue of power,  which is very crucial to technology, the first way out is how to overcome that problem. Once that is captured, power will be an integral part of that drive.

‘‘What we have seen here on ground are seasoned scientists who by their own respects have developed capacities in terms of knowledge in areas of solar technology,  microscopy which is very essential areas of inorganic diets and others.  We have also seen prototypes of solar technology here, in which people are having indebt studies of how solar intensity could be captured.   Ones the solar intensity focusing has been fully developed, that will actually give us a vantage point to capture solar intensity from the sun,’’ he said.

While extolling the works of Nigeria scientists at the complex, the minister promised to support the organization in the area of product processing lines and development  to produce them in  commercialize quantity that would serve the entire Nigerian populace.

‘‘I believe we have the infrastructure on ground but we are limited to the fact that it may not be up to a point it could be commercialised. Commercialization will come in where we look at the processing line and develop products that can actually can serve the Nigerian populace,’’ he said.

Also speaking, Director-General of the agency, Professor Sunday Thomas said the complex is driven by the zeal to domesticate research and industrialize Nigeria in the areas of solar energy and information technology. He noted  that energy had become very important for any technological development, which informed the effort of SHESTCO to domesticate power through agricultural implantation and solar energy development.

‘‘Energy is very important for any technological development. The complex is looking at other areas that affect the overall development in our country; you saw the advanced technology lab in which the culture can be greatly enhanced through agricultural implantation. There are also activities leading to novel drugs which is being tested and development for treatment of cancer because healthy bodies are required for serious economic development in any nation,’’ he said.

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