NIGERIA: More troubles for students as JAMB online registration poses challenge

There seems to be more troubles for students who decided to register for the 2013/2014 Joint Admissions Matriculation Board Examination as they presently go  through tough times in their bid to carry out the required online registration process.

When Saturday Vanguard got hints of the pains students are going through, we visited cybercafes in Lagos metropolis to feel the pulse of the students.  Many of them were seen in different business centres struggling to access the JAMB website.

At Egbeda, Ebutte Metta, Yaba, Ikeja, Ikotun, Isolo, Ilasamaja, Meiran, Okota, Ago Palace Way, Ajah to mention a few, the story was the same.

One of them, Ogheneovo John Oyoma, a-16year, pre-degree student of University of Port Harcourt told Saturday Vanguard that registering his form online has not only been frustrating but a hopeless one.

According to him, “I was in this business centre yesterday (Tuesday) to register my forms unfortunately, I couldn’t register it.  I came around 12noon and left at about 4pm. I spent four hours trying to register my form but all to no avail. The business centre attendant told me that the network was bad.

“So, I went back home hoping it will get better the following day. Right now, I have been in this centre for two hours, yet I have not been able to make headway. I am only trying my luck, perhaps, there might be a  link just for me to register and save myself some trouble,” he lamented.

Another student said: “this is my second time of coming into this business centre and I don’t think, I will leave until I have completed the registration, I will still wait until I am able to make headway.

“This is my second attempt at JAMB Examination. The first time I tried was in Delta State after my O’level. I had no problems registering the form then, but it is amazing that it is not going through.”

He continued: “It is important for me to register today because I will be traveling to Port Harcourt the next day to continue my pre-degree course. And that is why, it is a must for me to register today. I am highly disappointed in the management of JAMB for this poor operation. My advice is that the management should put their acts together.  They should improve on their network so as not to put students in distress in the course of registering their forms.”

A  15-year old girl who also narrated her ordeal to Saturday Vanguard said, she has been battling with the registration for the past three days and there has been no headway. She lamented that since she bought JAMB form from a bank , she has been finding it difficult to register online.

The owner of the business who claimed anonymity disclosed that  the problems have been a major one since registration commenced.

“It has been difficult. We have registered with JAMB technology provider  as a qualified centre to register students online but since we started operation, it has been hell.

“The only time we have been able to  register a few students is between 7.30 am and 9am and in the evening around 7pm and 8pm.”

According to her, “there is an offline site provided by the technology provider for us to register our students in case the online registeration is not responding but all efforts to operate on this site has been unsuccessful.

“You might complete your form offline and send to the service provider but there will be no response   until two days or more before we can be sure of getting a feedback from the service provider, but if you are lucky, it can send a reply immediately,” she said.

“Once the online is not responding, we advise students to choose the offline option. We have been running on a loss since the registration started. We paid to be registered as a qualified centre yet, we cannot get effective online service for what we paid for.

“We have been having these challenges for many years. JAMB website has not been effective. Many years, the website has been bad unlike what is obtainable on WAEC website. We have forms submitted by students that are yet to be registered due to the challenges at hand. This development has frustrated many students who came to register at the centre,” she continued.

Asked what she has done to avert this problem, she said, “since the problem started, I have sent my workers to the JAMB office, there has been no response. I went to the technology provider, I was not allowed entrance into the premises.”

An attendant who also spoke with Saturday Vanguard, lamented that, the JAMB website has been a challenge. Even the service provider Sidmac who got the offline franchise  has been challenging. Since the commencement of the registration, we have been able to register at most three students on a daily basis.”

At a business centre in Okota area of Lagos, students were seated aimlessly waiting for their online registration that was not  forthcoming.

At Isolo, a business centre owner who wouldn’t disclose her identity said, it is not possible for anyone without authorisation from JAMB to register students.

According to her, “You must have a password, if not, you’ll have difficulties in operating or registering online”, she said.

In a similar tone, she said, “JAMB registration online has been very bad becuase of  bad network. We can only register students in the early hours of  the day between 7am and 9am. And even with that, it has been challenging.

“Any registration after 9am is not accessible and that is why we have been finding it difficult to complete forms for students easily without any challenges.There are forms that have been postponed for another day because of the challenges,” she added.

It is to be recalled that this year’s JAMB examination has been slated for April 27, 2013.  The form is sold at the sum of  N4,600 only. And every candidate is expected to pay N700 for online registration with any accredited business centre.

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