Multinational Concepts Unveils 3-D Digital Printing Machine

Digital Printing MachineDetermined to take printing business a notch higher in the country, Multinational Concepts Nigeria Ltd. has acquired 3-Dimensional Digital Press Machine, to deliver highest quality printing to its customers. Described as the first of its kind, the new machine has helped to move the firm beyond the challenges of using off-set press.
Conducting journalists round the 3-D printing machines in Lagos recently, Chief Executive Officer of Multinational Concepts, Mr. Andrew Esuabanga, said before now, the printing machines in the country were Off-set Press, Digital Press, but that the Digital Press, which was an improvement on Off-set Press, had some printing challenges and could not manage color separation when printing in large quantity.
The challenge, he said, forced most Nigerians to take their printing jobs to South Africa and the United Kingdom, in search of quality prints from 3-D printing machines, but described such move as disgraceful to Nigeria in the 21st century digital age.
“Worried by the situation, and coupled with the challenges of Digital Press, we went in search of a printing machine that will produce the best quality in printing and at a reduced cost, and we came across Kodak 3-D printing machine and invested in it. The3-D machine does not only produce the highest quality, it also eliminates ‘Make Shifts’, and prints directly from computer to printer, thereby reducing cost of templates, while allowing for personalized impression on prints,” Esuabanga said.
With 3-D printing machines, thousands of copies could be printed with good color prints. It puts away printing plates and printing is done from computer to printer and to image. It reduces operational cost by 60 per cent and minimises wastages in using plates and running diesel for too long a time and all these are calculated into cost savings, he said.
According to him, the 3-Dimensional printing machine remained the newest print technology in the world today that prints 3000 sheets per hour. He added that Digital Press could only print on A2 but explained that the new 3-D printer could print on A2, A4, and banner sheets, and that the machine is limited to the creativity of the designer, which means that the user can add many forms of creativity and the machine will produce the designs, with personalised prints.
Managing Director of FC Exports in UK, representing Kodak West Africa, Mr. Fenton Curley, said “Multinational Concepts is a great example of how investing in digital press can really breathe new life into print. They have seen that there is no compromise in terms of quality, and with such investment, they are unlocking the potential of personalised print in Nigeria.”
Speaking on quality print, Esuabanga said “The press we have invested in is high-calibre variable data production machine that can print on various substrates like paper, card, plastic, metallic, pearl, gloss and semi-gloss. Others are linen, magnetic synthetic and yellum.”
He said the machine has great capability for security print, including cheque books, photo books, production and high premium marketing media. He called on Nigerians that are into printing, to take advantage of the Kodak 3-D machine that is now available in Nigeria.

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