Developing Capabilities for Market Entry into Nigerian Market.

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On behalf of the Association of Nigerian Students Finland Chapter ( and Businesslab Nigeria Project (, you are cordially invited to the Doing Business in Nigeria Seminar scheduled as follows:

Theme: Developing Capabilities for Market Entry into Nigeria
Venue: Auditorium Haaga-Helia, Vallila Campus
Time: 5th of November, 2010. 10-16.30hrs

The seminar is an informational sharing event targeted at Finnish companies interested in the Nigeria Market and Nigerian students. The main objective is to support and create the knowledge asset needed for market entry and expansion of Finnish firms into the Nigerian market as well as use this medium to provide internship, employment and workplace opportunities in Finnish companies for Nigerian students and graduates in Finland.

The objective of the businesslab Project as well as the timeline of the project can be found from the link:

The objective of the seminar can be found from the link:

The benefits of this seminar to Nigerian students and graduates includes

1. You will have the opportunity to meet Finnish companies doing business in Nigeria and Finnish companies intending to do business in Nigeria.
2. Get an overview of the Nigerian cultural, business and economic contexts
3. understand the business opportunity in Nigeria and how companies strategically exploit these opportunities
4. understand the internationalization process of companies from real case-studies
5. This seminar can be taken as a 2cr course and computed in your study transcript upon request. However, you will need to complete individual task and group task in this case. Registered students will be contacted later about the processes.
6. You will have the opportunity to build professional networks and social tiers

To sign up for the conference, please find the link for students’ sign up:

Deadline for sign up: 25th of September 2010.


1. There is a possibility for your institution (students studying outside Helsinki) to pay for your transportation cost to the seminar if you sign up for the seminar. Thus, provide us with valid information about your school, program and email during the sign up so that we will contact your school to provide the cost of your coming to the seminar.

2.  If you have done previous research concerning the Nigerian market, relating to such issues concerning businesses in the Nigerian market, or issues that may significantly be important for Finnish firms entering the Nigerian market. There is a possibility for you to present it during the seminar and/or publish it in our seminar brochure/magazine. To do this, you will need to send the abstract, methodology and conclusion to the Coordinator Research’s and Development Businesslab Project Anthony Claret (University of Helsinki) Upon receipt of this, a confirmation email will be sent to you if your research was selected for presentation and/or publication.

Nnamdi oguji
MSc Student Business & Technology
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
President-ANS-Finland Chapter

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