Nigerian gullible 36 governors seek increased security votes, state police, to combat Boko Haram

The state governors say more money is one of the things they need to tackle the rising spate of insecurity Nigeria’s 36 state governors have tabled a fresh demand for a raise in the controversial ‘security votes’ which they draw monthly from the federal purse. The governors say this demand is a result of the […]

Op ed

Boko Haram- Muslim Army?

My aim is not to apologize for my religion; I will not write as one who is ashamed of my way of life, and before you shout ‘Southern Muslim!’ like I’m certain you’re probably already thinking, let me inform you that Muslims all over the world are one and the same.Once, the Prophet (PBUH) was […]


U.N. investigator decries U.S. use of killer drones

GENEVA (Reuters) – A U.N. investigator has called on the Obama administration to justify its policy of assassinating rather than capturing al Qaeda or Taliban suspects, increasingly with the use of unmanned drone aircraft that also take civilian lives. Christof Heyns, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, urged Washington to clarify the […]