Ghana: Strive for Right To Information – a necessary tool for democracy.

Unlike in the UK and in Nigeria, which both passed their freedom of information bills after long periods of civil society activism, Ghana’s Right to Information (RTI) Bill is still stuck before Parliament. Whilst it is necessary that a strong bill, without unnecessary exemptions, is properly formulated, it is about time that we Ghanaians start […]


Study suggests UN force brought cholera to Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Evidence “strongly suggests” that a United Nations peacekeeping mission brought a cholera strain to Haiti that has killed thousands of people, a study by a team of epidemiologists and physicians says. The study is the strongest argument yet that newly-arrived Nepalese peacekeepers at a base near the town of Mirebalais brought […]


Nigeria: The task ahead of Jonathan

THAT   President   Goodluck     Ebele  Jonathan‘s  dreams came  to pass  to continue  from May  29, 2011, as president  of  Federal  Republic of Nigeria raised the  hope  of  Nigerians  that change  is  inevitable considering  the  President’s  zeal, commitment    and   readiness  to effect   a   change  in the  Africa’s  most  populous country – a  heady   mix  of about 150 […]