Eligible Voters Set to Detoxify Nigeria

The word “toxin”was first used by a reputable organic chemist called Ludwig Brieger (1849-1919). According to my little “…Oxford Dictionary” the word signifies “poison especially of animal or vegetable origin; poison secreted by micro-organism and causing particular disease” To detoxify is to literally eliminate the poisonous substances- the toxins- from our lives. These generation of […]


Time to Vote for a New Nigeria

( -Every journey starts with the first small step. There is no doubt that this year general elections will definitely change the course of history of Nigeria for a new nation. Nigerians have learnt their lessons in a very hard way. Nigerians have come to realise that they are the solution to their problems. Suffering […]


South Sudan: The Symbolism of Africa’s First Truly Independent Nation

The recent independence referendum in South Sudan should be applauded by all who appreciate freedom and democracy, and by all who toil and struggle against the yoke of internal colonialism and its devastating consequences in much of Africa and beyond for its symbolism and precedent. For more than 400 years, Europeans besieged and plundered the […]