Women and health in Nigeria

The role of women in the society has been the focal point of sociologists and anthropologists around the world for many years. Women are seen as disadvantaged and most vulnerable in many aspects of life. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in the clinical statistics surrounding sexually transmitted diseases and also in the area of reproductive […]

Poems and Poetry

The mad man

“I will stop laughing… …..Lest I become mad… This is he on a happy state Bothering not about the world Facing whatever faces him Laughing and jumping all alone Where he sits, mocks and laughs Those he sees and those unseen. Enjoy the heats of day all alone The cold of harmattan his friend has […]


APGA, Which way?

In the early eighties, Sunny Okosun, the Ozziddi King, asked this all important question, “WHICH WAY NIGERIA?” in one of his popular tracks. Since then, no answer has been provided. Rather what we have been witnessing is a confirmation that the country has lost track and this is seen in its systematic decapitation by a […]


Not Just Jos

IT is defeatist to look at riots as if they were indigenous to Jos, the Plateau State capital, which has had an unfair share of them. Riots, unrests, and variants of them, have become common Nigerian ways of expressing their anger at a federation that does not work. They are also ready instruments in the […]