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The newest Miss World 2010 is from the United States.

(codewit) Alexandria Mills, a soft-spoken 18-year-old, was named the winner in Saturday night’s contest in southern China. The tall blonde was a relative surprise winner after speculation focused on other contestants. Second place went to Emma Wareus of Botswana, and Adriana Vasini of Venezuela came third. The host country’s own contestant, Tang Xiao, also was […]


11 Killed By Flood in Russia

11 Killed By Flood in Russia and three are still missing. Flood swap Krasnodar territory at South of Russia, 24 villages in the area are flooded. Information based on local government spokesman cited by RIA Novosti News Agency. The flood caused by river over flow derived from endless rain at the mountain. Russia Ministry of […]


Palestine: Reconciliation Between Hamas and Fatah

Reconciliation Between Hamas and Fatah finally came to reality after all these years. It’s been a long time since both Palestinian Organizations conflicted, and now both of them decided a reconciliation. On Tuesday, An Official from Hamas said that Hamas wants to reach a comprehensive reconciliation with Fatah. Mediators from other countries are sending their […]


120 contestants Compete In Miss World 2010

ELECTION Miss World 2010 held in Sanya, China is in sight. That’s when 120 contestants compete to be the best prepared and steal the seven jury that in fact the former of Miss World. They are Denise Perrier Lanfranchi, Ann Sidney, Mary Stavin, Agbani Darego, Maria Julia Mantilla, Xi Zhang Lin, and Ksenia Sukhinova. They […]

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Africa: Giving African girls a chance to learn

(Codewit) — In 2000, I moved to Senegal for the third and last time with my five grandchildren and husband, jazz musician Sam Sanders. Their mother had passed on five years before from a heart attack and their father was still distraught. We decided to give our grandchildren an international multilingual and multicultural education. I […]

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Nigeria needs more than new leaders to change

(Codewit) — People are corrupt. The elite don’t care. The leaders steal from the people. Everything is falling apart and no one is doing anything about it. These are just some of the complaints regularly made by Nigerians about Nigeria. There’s no doubt that these are valid complaints. Indeed, the car bombs which hit the […]


Goodluck Jonathan: The Facebook president

(Codewit) — At over 246,000 and counting, he has more Facebook fans than the combined tally of British Prime Minister David Cameron, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and South African head of state Jacob Zuma. Since Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s president, created his profile in June of this year, rarely a day goes by without a fresh […]