IBB camp dismisses President Jonathan Goodluck’s 2011 chances

The campaign team of former military president, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, has declared that he will be the People’s Democratic Party candidate for the 2011 general elections. They dismissed reports that alleged that governors from the south-west had declared their support for President Goodluck Jonathan. Kassim Afegbua, Mr Babangida’s spokesperson, said Nigerians are coming out to […]


Jonathan Goodluck is being pushed around by third term losers, says IBB’s aide

Abdulyekeem Umar, the national campaign coordinator for former president Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, on Monday said that Nigeria’s incumbent leader is being tossed around by the team that tried to enforce a third term in 2009 but failed. Speaking to correspondents at the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (MMA2), Lagos, Mr Umar argued that the ex-military leader […]

North America

The hypocrisy of Developed Nation’s Foreign Policies and the colossal failure of Diaspora Africans

I have been a proponent that the fate of the African continent lies in the hands of Africans. No amount of foreign aid will solve our problems when we lack basic understanding of the concept of self development and true patriotism. Our dependence on nations that thrives on the principles of capitalism to create a […]


Regulatory Inertia vis-a-vis Predatory Banking Practices in Nigeria (Part 1)

The classical laissez-faire theory is not practised anywhere; even in the most liberal capitalist economies industries are still subject to regulation. A regulator is there to oversee the activities of operators or players in the industry under its supervision, ensure the efficient supply of quality products and check the exploitation of users of the products. […]


Why Nigeria Needs No Elections In 2011

Nigerians must insist of credible elections. It is the first prerequisite for the turning point that we sought. We know that corruptions, stupidity, senselessness and outright madness dominate Nigerian politics but credible elections remains the most single important avenue to start re-addressing our national woes. Next in line is the scrapping of the EFCC and […]

Op ed

Wole Soyinka’s “The Avoidable Trap Of Cultural Relativism”* – A Comment

I think in order to discuss Wole Soyinka’s speech, (whether I am really qualified and intellectual enough to do this is another question, but I will try nevertheless) as above, it is necessary to understand what Cultural Relativism implies. The first use of the term, “Cultural Relativism” was around 1924 when Alan Locke described Robert […]


Helping the Nigerian Economy Stay in Shape

In the most important speech of his life, the moment that would launch a Titanic battle affecting the lives of ordinary citizens and the economy, that could define his presidency, restore badly eroded public faith in the political system ability to serve people, and redeem a promise more than forty nine years in the making […]


Political assassination in Nigeria

OF all the political developments that currently bother me, the one most difficult for me to analyse and comprehend appears be the new regime of political assassination in the south-east zone of Nigeria. General Sani Abacha’s junta first professionalised political assassination, and then developed it into a systematic method of fighting the “enemies” of the […]