The Dearth of Investigative Journalism In Nigeria

Journalists are any nations best known gadflies. And like gadflies, they are also best known stingers. They sting the dormant coincidence of humanity until everyone is wide awake to a new concept of reality-perception. I am not a journalist myself. I am a philosopher by training. There is some symbiotic similarity between philosophy and investigative […]

North America

The Land is Dead – Shell (American company) has killed our children’s future

Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The Case of the Ogbodo Shell Petroleum Spill in Rivers State, Nigeria During my ten day visit in July 2001 to oil-impacted communities in Nigeria’s oilbelt, as a guest of Niger Delta Women for Justice and Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria; a massive spillage of crude petroleum took […]


Shell in Bille; unending spills and crisis

Shell’s oil Spills in Bille, in Niger Delta’s River State Highlights Oil spills devastate rural ecology Shell’s double standards cause crisis among community people Fresh oil spill heightens tension Fresh crisis imminent “When oil spill here, those of us who go to the mangrove forest to harvest periwinkle and other sea foods suffer. The crude […]


Turkey wants US condemnation of Israeli raid

Isn’t US government and her politicans hypocritical ? Last few days, you may recall that the secretary of United states was calling on the international community to stand with them to condemn the North Korea alleged torpedo attack that sank the South Korea naval ship near South Korea’s Baengnyeong Island, just south of the disputed […]