Op ed

Why is Ibrahim Babangida Running for Office?

Wonders, according to conventional wisdom, will never cease. Some nights ago, I was lying down on the sofa and watching the television. Then this gentleman appeared on television and began to interview people about why “IBB was running for office?” The responses were quite interesting and I present them here.

Law and Order

Dora Akunyili urges journalists to be courageous

The Minister of Information and Communication, Dora Akunyili, on Thursday asked journalists to promote “the courage to publish the truth and perish” and make it a professional canon. Mrs. Akunyili said this as the special guest of honour, at a media stakeholders’ debate titled “150 years of journalism, how far?” The debate was organised by […]


After All Political Speculations, Namadi Sambo emerged as a new Nigerian Vice President

AFTER weeks of low-key backroom jostling and shenanigans, the Nigerian political system has thrown up Alhaji Namadi Muhammed Sambo, who was until his appointment, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, as the third Vice President in the contemporary phase of our democratic system. Sambo, whose appointment was ratified on Tuesday by both Houses in the […]


Inflamed Rhetoric of Sahara reporters – distorted news about Maurice Iwu crying

Information is a critical commodity all over the world. As a consequence, a bitter dispute is now raging over news coverage of events in Nigeria. Some bloggers and main stream media have denounced the Sahara reporters’ false  blogging of The Sad End Of Maurice Iwu: Riggers Also Cry! For their alleged sensationalism on the issues […]