Wole Soyinka attacks BBC portrayal of Lagos ‘pit of degradation’

Nigerian playwright derides Welcome to Lagos, shot in teeming slums, as colonialist and patronising A BBC documentary series set in slum areas of Lagos has been branded “condescending” and “colonialist” by Wole Soyinka, the Nobel laureate and one of Nigeria’s most famous living writers. Speaking to the Guardian, Professor Soyinka said that Welcome to Lagos, […]

Op ed

Ikwerres and Their Denial of Igbo Identity

This is a rejoinder to Mr. Okachikwu Dibia’s article entitled â€œIkwerre-Igbo Relationship As Seen By Ohaneze Nd’Igbo” published on  wherein he attacked a comment reportedly made by the President of Ohanaeze Nd’Igbo, Chief Ralph Uwechue, that the Ikwerres are Igbos who now deny their true ethnic identity.


BBC 2 Documentary: Welcome To Lagos

Please do not get me wrong, this documentary is a public relation(s) disaster for Nigeria , Nigerians and every thing Nigeria stands for. But I tend to have a different view about this documentary. My opinion is that, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC 2) deserves special award and commendations for finding time, resources and manpower that […]


Political Abortion: Obama’s Stand on Nigeria

I pretend to understand how much hatred President Obama and his administration have towards Nigeria. During his several visits to Africa before and after his inauguration, President Obama has willingly and steadfastly boycotted a visit or stopover at Nigeria, Africa’s number 1 trading partner to USA. I understand that President Obama does not owe Nigeria […]