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Hello! I’m contacting you because the organization you’re a contact for, Codewit Global Network, has been added to TakingITGlobal’s Organizations Database. You can view your listing here: TakingITGlobal is a youth-led organization that aims to inspire, inform, and involve young people in the world. One of the ways that we inform and involve is […]

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Come Let usThink Together in Logic (part 4)

The ability to think is a universal endowment of humans. But, it is not everyone that can actually think clearly. Precise thinking is gained through an added effort upon human rationality or intelligence. Clarity of thought is like a staircase to certitude in knowledge. Ambiguity in thinking creates ambiguity in lifestyle. And ambiguity in lifestyle […]

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A Letter of Appreciation from Ugwu Hilary Ike

The managementCodewit Global Network                                                       A Letter of Appreciation to Codewit Global Network I have just received a package  in my mail box containing the Certificate of Appreciation and that of an Award as the best author of the month of September 2008. I am grateful for this honor in addition to given me the […]