Popular Igbo Names and Their Meaning

Most Igbo names  have symbolic meanings and are grammatical constructed; that is, they constitute a complete expression.They usually reflects the immediate circumstance after a child is born to a family. It is an expressive reminder and powerful emotive thoughts of the family before and after the child is born. Most times, they are  religiously undertone […]

Poems and Poetry

Did you know that …Kissing

You burn over 25 calories in a one minute kiss? The first screen kiss wasn’t allowed in India until 1978? Kissing is healthier than shaking hands? A kiss contains about 9 milligram of water and about 0,7 grams of fat and protein? Kama sutra includes 30 different kinds of kisses? Romans could kiss each other […]

Poems and Poetry

Did you know that …in Africa

Africa Ethiopia will be celebrating millennium in September 2007? Uganda has the source of River Nile? People from Niger are Nigerien. People from Nigeria are Nigerian? About 20 million of flip flops are produced each year in Mombasa? Merry Christmas in Ghana is “Afishapa”? Namib desert is believed to be the oldest desert in the […]

Society and Culture

A More Perfect Union

 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama “A More Perfect Union” Constitution Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Video of the speech:   “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, […]


I am an African by Thabo Mbeki

Delivered on behalf of the African National Congress, on the occasion of the adoption by the constitutional assembly of “The Republic of South Africa Constitution Bill 1996.” Delivered in Capetown on 8 May 1996. Chairperson, Esteemed President of the democratic Republic, Honourable Members of the Constitutional Assembly, Our distinguished domestic and foreign guests, Friends, On […]