Law and Order

The Osu Caste System

The Osu caste system is an obnoxious practice among the Igbos -in Nigeria-which has refused to go away despite the impact of Christianity, modern education and civilization, and the human rights culture. In this piece, I will argue that the Osu discrimination is an outdated tradition with no basis for its continued practice and observance […]

Op ed

An Open Letter to The President: Alhaji Umar Yar’Adua

His Excellency President Umar YAR’ ADUA                                            10 November 2008President and Commander-in-Chief of Federal Republic of NigeriaPresidential Villa, The PresidencyThree-Arms-Zone, Abuja, FCTNIGERIA   Your Excellency, President Umar YAR’ ADUA, I would like to inform Your Excellency of the need for The DEVELOPMENT OF INGA POWER SUPPLY (ELECTRICITY DAM) SCHEME ON THE CONGO RIVER.  The project, […]


Learning Igbo Language

The Igbo Alphabet There are 36 letters in the Igbo alphabet. There are 8 vowels, 19 consonants, and 9 blends.   The Vowels (Udaume) A—sounds like a in `awe’ E—sounds like a in `ate’ I—sounds like e in `eat’ I—sounds like e in `be’ and has the stress · O—sounds like o in `sonnet’ O—sounds […]