Nwokoye Chukwudi

Nwokoye Chukwudi – Codewit Favorite Author of the Month 01/08/08

 The Favorite Codewit  Author of the month of August  is Chukwudi Nwokoye Name: Chukwudi Nwokoye Nationality: Nigerian Biography Meet the Author  His Belief: Nwokoye is very  passionate about good governance, education, youth development and he is an ardent advocate of peace based on justice and fairness. “ Chukwudi has been a contributing editor to Codewit Global network […]


Types of Codewit Awards

From time to time, the Codewit Global Network(CGN) recognizes her members, both the  esteemed members of the Codewit  community, and promising student members, with the following awards and honors: CGN Distinguished Service Award: The CGN Distinguished Service Award recognizes one individual each year for extraordinary service to the CGN community. CGN Certificates of Appreciation: CGN […]