Benedicta Attoh

Benedicta Attoh (Author) on Codewit

Benedicta is currently the Development & Awareness Officer of the NCCRI (National Consultative Committee on Racism & Interculturalism), a Director of the Africa Centre and a member of the Louth African Women’s Support Group.  She is the Dundalk branch Coordinator of the Integration of African Children (IACI) in Ireland, a multicultural youth club.  She is […]

Nigeria News

The nature and Forms of free masonry: Its historical origin, fraternity and thrust

In the Nacaths Journal of African Theology, Dr.Columbus and myself made a critical evaluation of cult and occultism in the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Among other things, we noted were that cult threatens normal campus life and social order.  Today, many people are asking these fundamental questions: Is Free Masonry a secret cult […]

Society and Culture

Modern man and scientific sophistications in the third millennium

PROVOCATIVES:Series of articles have flooded medical, military and humanistic journals concerning the scientific breakthrough of the 21st century. These articles have not only arrested modern man’s attention but have provoked modern church authorities to speak out. Believe it or not, the speed at which science and technology are moving in the 21st century calls for […]

Professor Suleyman Muyibi

Effect of brain drain or skilled labour migration on economic development: a global perspective

This paper reviews the problem of brain drain or skill migration from developing countries mostly to industrialized countries. Some case studies are presented to illustrate some of the major problems facing Africans today in not being able to utilize optimally the human as well as material resources endowed to us by Almighty God to enable […]