Letter to the Editor

Letter to Sorious Samura: About your documentary on the BBC Newsnight by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Dear Sorious Samura, I am writing in reaction to all your documentaries on Africa and recently your documentary on Illegal Immigration pt1: Destination UK  and  Illegal Immigration pt2: Black economy Throughout this week Newsnight in BBC Channel, they have  been programming your documentary with the issue of illegal immigration in Britain. you have produced three  […]


Why is Africa poor?

Africa is economically poor. Some Afri-philes and some Africans sometimes blame colonialism as part of the reason why the continent is economically poor. Afri-phobes insist that after half a century of freedom from colonialism, that particular excuse is no longer valid, and that we need to look elsewhere.


Codewism Philosophy

Codewism was founded in the spirit of finding a  Pragmatic solution of  African emancipation from western coercion and enslavement, which has dwindled African growth for over five centuries. It is the system of philosophical thought attributed to Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi, the founder of Codewit Global organization and the president of Codewit Association. Claret expanded on this […]