NOLLYWOOD: How Omotola Survived 17 Years Of Marriage As A Celebrity

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You will agree with me that its not easy for any celebrity in any part of this world to remain in a man's house as his wife for over a decade without divorce! You will also node to the fact that it's not Akara for a Nollywood actress' marriage to survive the constant media stabbing pierced into their private lives every time!
The likes of Kate Henshaw, Shan George, Eucharia Anunobi, Monalisa Chinda, Frank Edoho, Ara the drummer, Saheed and Fathia Balogun, Funke Akindele etc are breathing examples of how easy it is to jump out of your matrimonial home and how hard it is to keep a home in "Celebrity Land".
This is a society where marriage is treated as a sacred thing, when a woman is seen freely socialising with men, what greets it is a frowned face. But Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has successfully pushed through all the hurdles and still stands firm as a married woman.
This singular achievement has made her more respected and loved by millions! But what really has kept her marriage so far?
I have taken time to look at this and this is what I found out: As a journalist, I have interviewed both Omotola and her husband, Capt. Mathew Ekeinde. "If I see Omotola with seven men in a bedroom, I won't be moved because I trust my wife" that was what Capt. Ekeinde told me when I asked how much he trusts his wife.
Then I asked another question: it is believed that men who behave like that are also sleeping around; "Well I don't sleep around" he affirmed. So with this, it is obvious that one of the factors helping Omotola's marriage is her husband's blind trust in her.
Secondly, I believe that the fact that Omotola was married before Nollywood helped her so much. As a mother with grown kids, you don't mess around and if you do, you park your shit neatly! Even if Omotola or a hubby at a point wanted out of the union, because of the children, they would have had a rethink!
Thirdly, Omotola has just been extremely lucky! With the kind of negative media she has had in her career, Omotola's marriage should have crashed into Olumo Rock several years ago! Its not that she is the Saint of Nollywood!
No, in fact, she has been allegedly linked in several sex scandals with top Nollywood big boys like Tchidi Chikere, Richard Mofe Damijo and co but God has kept her going. The kind of scandals she has encountered should have shattered any marriage in the world beyond repair! Yet @Realomosexy still crosses her legs on the royal throne of Mrs. Ekeinde.
The cliché has been "behind every successful man there is a woman", in this case, it is wise to say "behind Omotola's successful marriage there are, a trusting husband and God's grace! Gbam!
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