Pregnant Wife Storms Church, Scatters Nollywood Actors Wedding To Girlfriend

Solomon Akiyesi and wifeThe rate at which the marriage institution is being desecrated these days by older men and young girls sure calls for concern, and it seems this is more particular to people in the entertainment industry.

Ladies note that, if a man is promiscuous he will cheat on you no matter how much you ‘suffered’ with him or how long you dated him and waited for him before he eventually married you. This is the true life story of Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi who has shattered the heart of his beautiful wife…

Olufamous.com gathered from an insider that this actor kept his wife in far away Port Harcourt while enjoy himself with a young sexy chick in Lagos. After about six years of marriage, his wife, Lilian, got pregnant for him but that still did not make him change his ‘play boy’ lifestyle. Solomon kept his secret love affair with the Lagos babe until he got her pregnant too.

The source told Olufamous.com that Solomon tried to convince the Lagos babe to terminate the pregnancy but she refused and insisted he must marry her. Solomon thought he could play a smart one on his wife since she’s based in Port Harcourt, so he accepted and started marriage plans. His wife got wind of her husband’s infidelity when she was already eight months pregnant for him but she didn’t believe.

Her friends and ‘spies’ kept updating her until it got to the wedding day proper. Solomon sent money to his wife in Port Harcourt on Friday 12 April, promising to return home ‘next week’ when he finish shooting a movie in Lagos. His wife used the money and pay transport to Lagos to scatter her husband’s secret wedding to his Lagos mistress. True life love-betrayal story in Lagos!

Nollywood actor Solomon was shocked when his pregnant wife stormed with the Overcomers World Outreach church in Surulere, venue of his secret wedding, on Saturday 13th April, 2013. She scattered the wedding before the Pastor could pronounce Solomon and his lover as “husband and wife”.

It was men of the Nigeria Police that restored normalcy to the church and save the situation from turning into something else. The wife is crying that her husband has betrayed her. Solomon is saying it was a mistake. I hear Solomon might still marry the girl and make her his second wife.

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