Nigeria: My hair makes me feel pretty

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Fragrance Tsema Kayoh is a skilled Nigerian songstress and performer. She hit the Nigerian music scene five years ago with the release of her debut album “So Lovely”, an album packed full of vibrant, groovy tracks, which got her two nominations for Best New Artiste (Female) and Best Vocalist RnB in the Award for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN).

With a unique, mellow sultry voice, Fragrance brings absolute vibrancy into her music and the stage. She has worked with megastars like 2face Idibia and Faze, with her most recent album being ‘Now and Forever’.

The Warri, Delta State born beauty is one female musician who knows what she wants and goes for it. Here, she talks about her hair and how she feels about her it .Enjoy

How does your hair look like and who did you take after?

My hair is brownish and curly. My mother is an half cast so I got my hair from her.

What hairstyle are you used to?

I like all back flowing hair because I think it brings out my face. I really don’t like hair dropping on my face- such hairstyles stress me so much because I’ll be trying to push it back all the time. My natural hair also soothe me well, so I like wearing it too. Besides, my natural hair is long. So what I do to it add some extension to it so it looks fuller.

Have you cut your hair before ,why and for how long ?

Of course I’ve cut my hair before. I cut my hair because I got tired of wearing a long hair and I just wanted to look different and it worked. I wore the low cut hairdo for over a year before I started re-growing it.

How do you describe people that wear dreadlocks?

I think its cool. For those I’ve met, I think it looks good on them and it makes them stand out.

Can you be caught wearing it ?

I’m not really a fan of dreadlocks, so I don’t think so (laughs)

How often do you retouch your hair ?

I really don’t have a specific time I retouch my hair. My hair is really soft and doesn’t really need to be retouched. But sometimes, I do it for the fun of it because other people are doing it

Are you hairy?

No, I’m not hairy.

Do you wear local hairstyles on a normal day?

Yes I do wear local hairstyles. There are times I feel I’ve stressed my hair so I just weave it and don’t add any extension. Weaving it allows me to be free and I don’t have to comb it- I just allow it to rest during that time.

What does your hair mean to you  ?

I like my hair a lot and it makes me feel pretty

Have you ever tried wigs and how does it make you feel?

Yes I have. Wigs save you a lot of stress, especially when it’ s really urgent that you need to go out- it’ s a quick solution. I feel very comfortable wearing wigs.

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