Ohaneze Ndigbo: The day Ebonyi state hosted the entire Igbo Nation

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Abakaliki went agog from the 26thof September, 2011 through 29th, for they were the days Ohaneze Ndigbo together with the Diaspora Igbo Umbrella organization, The Igbo World Assembly (IWA), celebrated their flagship events the Igbo Re­membrance Day, and IWA Convention. The activities were flagged off with the IWA Convention on the 26th September, 2011and a convention dinner on the following day being the 27th September, 2011. The convention was well attended by all, especially the University youths from the whole Southeast and some from SouthSouth. IWA convention was chaired by Prof Ukwu. I.Ukwu. Professor Ukwu also spoke on SENEC plan, SENEC being the South Eastern Nigeria Economic Commission. Also in the same vein, Ohanaeze symposium was very well attended.

As part of the Igbo Remembrance day pro­gram, a Classic soccer derby took place at the Abakaliki Stadium between the old Rangers international and Vasco Dagama. The match drew a large crowd of specta­tors and Igbo dignitaries to the Abakaliki Stadium, a very vibrant Igbo crowd with strong emphasis on speaking Igbo Language as 90% of the speeches were in Igbo language. The Crowd was up to 10,000.00, the best in Igboland in several years.  The Ebonyi State government and Governor Martin Elechi played very good host. They took very good care of all.


A forty five minutes prayer was held for Ndi Igbo that died during the civil war. The prayers were conducted by priests of various Christian denominations also includ­ing Igbo Muslim Imam. After that siren and car horns bleared for another 15 minutes.

The Igbo World Assembly, IWA gave out awards to some deserving Igbo leaders. The awardees included the Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Pius Anyim as the people’s servant of the year, and Ambassador Ralph Uwechue as the most focused Igbo leader, among others. During this event, IWA had a one hour meeting with Ebonyi State Govern­ment discussing the way forward towards the economic development in Igboland.

This year’s event was a big success; it was a big step forward in the ongoing father/Son relationship towards uplifting Ndi Igbo. The father/Son relationship between Ohaneze Ndigbo(the apex pan Igbo social and cul­tural organization) and IWA, the only umbrella organization uniting the various Igbo organizations around the globe is an encouraging one.  With this success recorded during this event, both organizations now look forward towards the implementation of the ideas shared, and also towards a follow up event next year.

Mr.  Ike Chime

The Deputy Secretary General,

Media and Publicity, Igbo World Assembly.

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