Linda Ikeji Banana Island Property: Wrong Investment Choice

linda ikejiThe popular blogger, Ms. Ikeji recently acquired a property well above N500 million in the expensive Banana Island, in Lagos State. While it is a great achievement for the young lady and motivated most Nigerian youths to be active and focused, I feel the choice of investment in Banana Island is wrong on the following grounds:

1. Location: The cost of properties in Banana Island has been stagnant lately. With the emergence of Eko Atlantic, must investors are selling off their assets to acquire space at Eko Atlantic. With the speed at which Eko Atlantic is moving, Banana Island property would drop in value significantly in near future. Eko Atlantic is a better choice location than Banana Island.

2. Biafra Factor: With the political instability in the country and the Biafran agitation surging, such massive acquisition in Yoruba land would amount to nothing if the sovereign independence of Biafra is granted. Most Yoruba’s are not happy with her success as shown when her blog went off sometime last year. The vituperation was huge and came from the Yoruba’s. It was still the Igbos that gave her support as their sister. Therefore, if Biafra comes, the dislike would implore the forceful takeover of that property. If Ojukwu’s property were confiscated, who is Linda? While I understand Linda does not see herself as Igbo from her actions, the Yoruba’s, unfortunately, do not see her as their sister either.

3. Property for parents: Linda claims the property belong to the parents as she plans to move to her husband’s house post marriage. As an Igbo woman, buying property for her parents in Lagos is a wrong choice. Chief and Lolo Ikeji are supposed to be living in eastern part of Nigeria. I wonder if we will ever see the father of Mike Adenuga settling in Enugu or Owerri? I know her fear could be as a result of the insecurity in IMO state where she hail from, but she should not forget that kidnapping often happen in Lagos and southwest now more than in southeast.

4. Marriage: African men are often intimidated with women success pre-marriage. A man can support the wife to become billionaire post marriage but not before the wedding. My learned friends may dismiss this viewpoint, but it’s fact and regularly happens in our society. It’s not about what goes around when the love is high pre-marriage but after marriage when the man wants to instill his authority and Linda would say, hello I was already a billionaire before I married you ( Yes Linda is a billionaire. You can’t buy a property of approximately 700 million and not be a billionaire). She would have

All in all, I wish her best in life and continue making her family and Nigerian youth proud. But she should remember, she is Igbo even if she detest it. By mere fact that she is Igbo, she is hated by others just because she is progressing in Yoruba land. Therefore, she should always use her “akonuche” 24/7.

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