Marriage can’t stop me from Disc Jockeying – DJ Lambo

ALTHOUGH she will be saying ‘I Do’ to her long time boyfriend any time next year, talented female Disc Jockey and Chocolate City artiste,Olawanmi Okeryi, a.k.a, DJ Lambo has said  nothing would stop her from doing what she knows how to do best – disc jockeying.

She made this remark  in a chat with WG. According to her, “I doubt if anything would change about me. The whole point of being with someone you love is about understanding. It is about being with the person regardless of stereotypes and the norms. If my spouse likes me the way I am, then I don’t see any  reason  why I should change my career  because I am getting married.”

Speaking further, she said,  “Even if I am going to change my style in the long run, it would be because I decided to and not because of what anybody would say or as a result of societal pressure.”

Describing herself as “a non-conformist and a rebel, DJ Lambo said, marriage would not stop her from being a disc jockey. “After getting married, I would still be a disc jockey and I doubt if anything would change about me,”she said.

She however, revealed that she took after her father, who was a former DJ, with the stage name, DJ Tony Lewis. Despite looking masculine, she said,  “I get a lot of advances from men. In fact, I am getting married next year by the grace of God. And when I get married I would still be a disc jockey and I doubt if anything would change about me.

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