Buhari is Older than Nigeria – Comedian Gordons

 Self-styled Comedy Berlusconi, Godwin Komone popularly known as Gordons took the All Peoples Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate, Pro. Yemi Osinbanjo to the cleaners.Gordons was among the comedians who entertained guests at the just concluded showbiz interactive session with Mr. President Goodluck at the prestigious Eko hotel and suit Lagos.“I didn’t know we have more than two presidential candidate for this election, but its only two candidate that I know of. One is older than the country (Buhari) while another one is young and promising (Jonathan) ofcourse Jonathan is younger,” he said.

His political jokes sent the audience reeling with laughter.
He continued, “In life, there are things we need to do before we grow old, because if we don’t, we might end up carrying it over and it will become a disgrace. R.Kelly did not have childhood experience but the kid grew up molesting children. Michael Jackson did not have childhood experience, but he grew up molesting children. Now OBJ (Olusegun Obansonjo) did not play with paper when he was small, now he is 83, see when he start tearing paper in public.”

Gordons was not done, he added, “All the northerners should not be deceived, there is really nothing different between Osinbajo and Obasanjo, because when you cancel the two of them, what will be left will be A I, I A stands for Arithmetic Interigation, and what is the Arithmetic Interigation of OBJ, look for a candidate who is sick and support him with the candidate that is well, so that when the one that is sick dies, the one that is well will take over. Oga Jona, e work for you, but e no go work for them”.

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