True story of Hanks Anuku’s HIV/AIDS palaver

Popular gangster actor, Hanks Anuku is heartbroken at the moment. Like in a movie set, the actor is brooding over his wounds after news went viral online during the week, accusing him of testing positive to HIV/AIDS, and deliberately infecting his wife with the deadly virus.   Anuku, who is hale and hearty has since refuted the report. His publicist, Bayo Adeoye while reacting to the report, described it as “not only confusing but a total lie.”

hankIn an online chat with HVP, Bayo said “It is so sad the way our journalists are working. I wonder where the story came out from, and nobody bothered to seek for Hanks’ angle. I decided not to talk because the story is not only confusing but it’s senseless.” Bayo, however, confirmed that Hanks has been living in Ghana for the past four years, and is hale and hearty. The actor is said to be lamenting the bad light in which the news has put him and his immediate family members, most especially his wife and children.

According to him, “ There is no iota of truth in that story! This is me, I am fine and healthy.” Sources close to the actor, said he’s really devastated about the story that he slept with over 80 women in 2011, and deliberately inflected his beloved wife with the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.

He’s also wondering why anyone would sit down to cook up such a terrible story when he has not offended anyone. News went viral online that the actor, who is now a born again Christian, was said to have revealed how he enjoyed life back in Zambia, sleeping with different women, and contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS virus which he later got his wife infected too. The news spread like a wildfire on the internet. But one wonders who could be demon that targeted at tarnishing Hanks’ hard earned name just for nothing.

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