Alaba Boys Reply AY Comedian .. See Open Letter

In recent findings, FNN has gotten hold of a reply written to Comedian AY concerning his report to the IG of Police concerning piracy.

AY initially found out that his movie “30 days in Atlanta” had been pirated and was selling on the streets of Lagos, holdups and video centers and went ahead to plead with the IG of Police to intervene.

Well, Alaba boys got the message and have also written an open letter to respond to AY. Alaba press secretary (yes they have a secretary) submitted this letter for publication:

Find the letter below:

Dear AY,


Goodmorning Mr AY and happy falantine to in arrears.

We understand that you are not happy that your movie has been pirated but we also need to tell you that we are not happy too.

I know you must be surprised at our saying that ‘we are not happy’ and you won’t know why but we will explain to you.

In case you don’t know, the movie was pirated and 20 million copies were printed and I write this letter, the 20 million copies have been exhausted.

Why we no dey happy na say  your movie don make 1 million dollars..i mean 1 million dollars and now we wan chop small inside you dey send letter to FG.

Be like say you no say even army never rescue chibok girls na your own film you wan make they attend to …oga AY relax,..make your boys sef chop…no worry we go send you small change..free that levels..No vex say we mix pidgin with english..the other person wey dey write for english go watch match ..na me finish am..me akpos

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