Annie Idibia Visits Native Doctor After 2face Kissing Scandal

It is not news that pictures of 2face and his baby-mama (Pero) have taken over the internet in the past few days so we are not here to talk about that but a better and bigger news for our readers here on FNN is here.

FNN dug dipper concerning this issue of infidelity when we had a close-up interview with Annie Idibia at her Lekki mansion in Lagos and she opened up on a few issues.

She (Annie Idibia), went ahead after seeing and confirming the pictures to visit a native doctor where she got the conviction that 2face actually is cheating on her.

She said “My husband (2face) claims to be innocent and at first I believed him till my family members insisted that I do something about it so before I got frustrated, I decided to visit a very powerful man *if you like, call him native doctor*.

The man however, confirmed to me that 2face is actually a cheater but he also advised me to stay put in the marriage because of my children. He said *laughing* the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

I therefore have decided to support my husband all through because all these single ladies are actually going to be very happy to see my marriage crumble and I am not going to give them that privilege.

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