Acting nude not part of my culture –Nollywood actress, Susan Peters

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Delectable actress, Susan Peters is fast becoming the darling of movie buffs in the Nigerian motion picture industry globally known as Nollywood. Since her emergence in 2002, the slim-built thespian has dazzled in several chart-busting flicks. Although, born and raised in Kano, but from Benue State, the business woman turned entertainer has continued to open new vistas for herself and budding career, since her relocation from the north to south, in pursuit of her dream.

Versatile Peters, aside acting is equally a scriptwriter and interior decorator with several high profile jobs to her credit. In this encounter, the still single and not searching damsel who initially wanted to be an air hostess disclosed to Daily Sun, how an encounter with a movie crew changed all that.  She also spoke on Nollywood, growing up, role models, family and more.

It will be nice to begin with your background.
My name is Susan Peters; I’m from Ado Local Government Area of Benue State. I am a Nollywood actress, model, interior decorator and rising scriptwriter. I was born in Kano and grew up in the north. I speak Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Idoma and English fluently. I did a course in Computer Engineering and also a product of Video Wave Institute, in Kaduna State.

Your decision to join the industry, was it by volition or accident?
The fact is that I never had any plan of becoming an actress or going into the entertainment industry, my dream was to become an air hostess. I have a salon and boutique shops in Kaduna. One day, a group of artistes came to my shop and they wanted a place to act. In the course of the shooting, the director asked me to fill in a gap where I was just to mime. They didn’t even pay me but gave credit to my shop. He later told me that I should pursue a career in acting. I went to an acting school, Video Wave in Kaduna, there I did a course in stage and film and I came out the overall best female student with a distinction. The rest is now history as they usually say.

And for how long have you been acting?
I have been in the entertainment industry since 2002 and have over 50 films to my credit. I featured in Andy Amenechi’s Wasted Effort, Sound of Poverty which, was recently released, Nollywood Hustler, Bursting Out, Mortal Attraction, Dominoes Disclosure and among others. And among my jobs, the most challenging, has been the Sound of Poverty, its all about some people facing the challenges of poverty. The moral lesson there is that no one knows tomorrow.

In your own views, are you happy with the state of affairs in Nollywood?
I must confess that we are really getting better unlike before, our movies, our pictures; the costumes are no longer what they used to be. Now we have good story lines, good production companies, good directors and producers and even world class premieres. I also see how the marketers are working hard to break into the international markets. I’m looking forward to a day when we’ll conquer Hollywood.

How have you been coping with the transformation of being an ordinary business woman in northern Nigeria, to an emerging Nollywood actress?
Well, it’s not easy being a celebrity; you have a lot of challenges facing you. I don’t brag about fame. I know those who are higher than me, I respect those ahead of me in the showbiz industry. But I’m still praying that God should take me to the greatest height; I don’t want to go off like others, and that’s why I’m working very hard everyday.

What are the other things you do aside acting and business?
I am a model cum entrepreneur, I have a salon and boutique shops in Kaduna, like I said earlier. I do interior decorations, I weave hair, I do make-ups for weddings and special occasions. 

Why are you still single?
I know I’m not yet married and I am also not searching either.

Who are the people you look up to as role models in the industry?
I have a lot of role models in the industry; I admire great names like; Alex Usifo Omiagbo, Eucharia Anunobi, Joke Sylva and Olu Jacobs, because they are the veterans in the industry. They have been there for a very long time, I admire the way they carry their fames. They are the type of people that whenever they are on set they would advice you, even what you don’t know on set, they would put you through. I love their courage and support.

What was it like growing up in northern Nigeria, any fond memories?
My growing up was quite quiet; we hardly go out, after returning from school we’ll either read our books or sleep. My dad retired from the Air Force and mum was just a housewife. Maybe, that was why everything about him was so strict. I’m from a family of eight. We were actually eleven, but we lost three and I’m the third child with five younger siblings.

In your own views again, what do you see as the biggest threat confronting Nollywood?
We’ve not yet been able to address the issue of togetherness in the industry, like helping someone that is going down. As long as we cannot address that issue; I think there is a big problem facing the industry. If we can’t come together, we can’t be able to move forward. It’s painful that we are too individualistic in Nollywood; everybody is always on his/her own.

You are from the State where stars like 2face, Blackface and a host of others equally hail from, how do you relate with them?
I think I’ve met with 2fce twice, he knows that I’m from his place but for TerryG, Blackface and others I’ve not met them. I’m looking forward to meeting them because they are from my town, since we are all in the entertainment industry its good we meet and know one another better.

Have you ever had a terrible encounter with your colleagues, especially producers in Nollywood?
Well, I’ve never had any such experience or encounter in the industry before; it depends on the way you also present yourself. I’m a honourable person, I go for my auditions and I get some jobs on recommendations, I’ve never been harassed sexually either, but if there are people doing that, I wish them luck! Above all, I really have regard for my senior colleagues in the industry, especially those who were there before me.

What are your future plans as an emerging star in Nollywood?
I want to see myself higher than where I am today; I’m yet to attain my peak in Nollywood, but I’m working towards that. I’m still striving hard to climb that ladder, by God’s grace I’ll get there soon. I love people that are straightforward, hardworking and I also love my kind of job.

Any regret so far being in Nollywood?
I’m not regretting going into the entertainment industry because since I joined the industry God has just been on my side and with the support of my good friends in the industry, we are gradually getting there.  When I feel like relaxing I go to the cinemas. I also relax by sleeping, watching movies and cooking. 

How close are you to most of your female colleagues?
I’m very close to some of them, I meet some of them on sets always and we maintain good cordial relationships, I respect them a lot especially those ahead of me.

How has it been working with The E4 PR?
Wonderful. I met Egoh Efiok through Monalisa Chinda, after then I got signed onto her organization and since then we’ve been working together. She’s a hardworking woman, she’s wonderful to work with I respect her a lot because she knows her job very well. Also, my fans should keep praying for me its not easy doing this job. I promise that I won’t let them down, because my best is yet to come.

With the right financial reward and clime, can you act nude?
No way, I can’t act nude because my culture doesn’t allow that.
I’m from a humble background where nudity is not supported or practiced.

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