Bad Ghollywood & Nollywood actresses

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From Ghollywood:

1.Juliet Ibrahim-I would rather put out my eyes with a fork than watch Juliet Ibrahim in anything. She can’t act her way out of the paper bag, plus she has zero personality. She just plays herself in every movie. Never understood all the hype about her, she isn’t that good, her body is not proportionate. God, she is so awful.

2.Martha Ankomah- at first, I thought she had potential, but all this her risqué movies of late…..well, let’s leave it at that. She plays the same person in every film she’s in! The fact that she has the most annoying voice in the world doesn’t help either.

3.Yvonne Nelson- is nothing but an eye candy. She is so overrated that the movies she is in, suck because of her. What a nose on her. Poor skin, pounded with makeup and seems like a mean person. She acts like an uppity snob and portrays that well in her movies.

4.KALSOUME SINARE- where can I start with her? Bad actress personified. Brutal actress… she NEVER sounds like she is not reading the script when she talks on film. Her emotions are as obviously phony as her. Total garbage as an actress. There are bad actresses out there, but none can compare to the tar left by none other than the legendary queen of terrible acting—Kalsoume Sinare. Basically in a nutshell, she is CRAP!

From Nollywood:
5.Queen Nwokoye- is as stiff as a surf board, she goes with the waves. Worst excuse for an actor ever. She strikes me as a frightened kid in a neighborhood she doesn’t belong in; and that neighborhood is nollywood.

6.Uche Obodo- Boobs and talent are two completely different things. Here is an enigma I have never understood, how the hell did this girl even make it unto a movie set, never mind being thought of as an actress? The only thing I give her credit for is duping half of the idiot producers in nollywood into believing that she has talent! His voice/fake accent is enough to make you punch yourself in the face! I cannot stand to look at her disgusting wide mouth that she covers with shiny lip gloss. She looks like she could fit a bowling ball into it!

7.Uche Eleandu- No talent and a nauseating voice to boot! What are the producers thinking? Why is she still around when there are so many more talented actresses? I can’t believe that she gets more roles than Bimbo Akintola. What a shame?

8.JJ Bunny-Only saw her in one movie, but that’s enough to know she sucks. Governor’s gift, anyone? Her acting blows and she deserves to be kicked in the head for trying to act. Do you guys know that she sings too? My God, she is awful at that too. Suddenly I’m starting to get depressed about the fact that the world probably isn’t going to end in 2012. The very fact that this movie got made and I spent my hard earned five bucks on it proves that nollywood is heading for a big disaster if care is not taken.

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