Ladies Suck Your Man’s Microphone At least Once a Day” – Actress Niecey Nash

Actress, comedian and former host of Style Network’s Clean House, Niecey Nash gave a great advice to ladies in order to save their marriage from crashing and keep the divorce attorney away.

Niecey said a lady should at least give her man a BJ a.k.a Blow.job once a day in order to keep the relationship going.

Niecey told Playboy Magazine while promoting her relationship advice book. She said:

“What I say in the book is, “A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away” and I say that because I feel like men are profoundly simplistic, which is the reason I wanted to call my book what I used as the title of chapter three, which is, “Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman’s Guide to a Happy Marriage.”

She also said,

Keeping him fed and drained, you have no problem. We are really more complicated than they are and I think that women are more generous with oral sex because we nurture by nature. We want to be pleasing by nature, that’s in our DNA, so I think that a lot of the behavior we’re looking for sexually, you might have to educate your partner.
Sometimes, men just assume they’re going to get it and you need to be like, “Give me mine. Ladies first.”

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