Nigerian idol judges take up the talented and less talented professionals

nigeria-idol-judge-take-talentIt’s the second city, and as usual, we had a feel of the good, the bad and the ugly” Communication’s Manager of Optima Media Group

 Adaora Mbelu says excitingly on a return flight from Abuja this week.

Recall that a few weeks back, at a star studded media launch, the team at Optima Media Group announced plans for auditions in Enugu, Abuja, Calabar and Lagos, and true to their word, auditions for the world’s biggest music  franchise show kicked off with Enugu on October 9 and 2010 before the train moved to Abuja last week.

And as fans of Idols wait to see what Nigerian Idol has in store for them, we can exclusively reveal that at the Abuja auditions last week, the judges took up the talented and the less talented professionals

Maikori who many believe will be Nigerian Idol’s Simon Cowell says to a legal practitioner, “Are you in Law school or are you a lawyer, because your voice is illegal”

“I think that was a very difficult song to sing and I also think that you should insure your voice” Daniel says to a brilliant contestant from the insurance industry.

Just like the original Idols, Nigerian Idol will not only focus on hunting and discovering talents, the show will also aim at nurturing and exposing talents to a global audience through local and international partner platforms.

Auditions continue in Calabar this weekend from October 22 to October 23. The final set of Auditions are billed to hold in Lagos on October 29, 30 and 31

“Music is a universal language, one that has come to be accepted all over the world. Nigerian Idol aims to find the best singer in the country who can be defined as the ‘’National’’ singer; a talent with true potentials to become a major international artiste” Mbelu continues

As the train moves to Calabar and Lagos, the producers have promised viewers that 2010 is the year to fall in love with their TV screens.

Millions of viewers around the world will be entertained and delighted by the Idols experience and it will be something to talk about and everyone will get involved through voting.

Nigerian Idol is sponsored by Etisalat. Nigeria’s fastest rising Telecommunications Company whose core belief is giving a voice to the younger generation.

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