How Did North West Spend Her First Birthday?

For North West's first birthday, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian made gluten-free cupcakes and had a small family party where North and her cousins casually played with toys in the backyard.

Juuuust kidding, of course! They had a blowout "Kidchella"-themed bash, complete with a Ferris wheel, face painting, multiple music stages, wristbands, glow sticks, tepees, snow cones, churros, funnel cakes, lemonade, a bounce house and obviously so much more.

Even though little North isn't sure if she likes music festivals yet, it's already been decided that she'll be a flower-crown-wearing Coachella concertgoer when she grows up. On June 21, Kim and Kanye threw North's first birthday party in Kourtney Kardashian's massive backyard. Looks like the couple still had enough energy in them after planning their ginormous May wedding to plan the most ginormous first birthday ever.

Even if you're rolling your eyes at all of this grandeur for someone who doesn't even know who Outkast, Muse and Lana Del Rey are yet, you've got to admit: The Kidchella moniker is pretty darn cute and creative, and so is the theme. And it's also totally doable on a smaller and much more budget-friendly scale.

North West had a tie-dye birthday cake decorated with daisies, which is easy to request at your local grocery store or to make with a handy Pinterest recipe. Flower crowns are a fun DIY craft (and could also double as the goodie-bag favor), and it'd be pretty cool to have toddler-friendly tunes playing in the background.

Snow cones and other mini-fair-type treats are a nice touch, especially for older kids. And face painting is always cute.

But don't expect a mosh pit just yet. A one-year-old's birthday is a special time – but also the one they will remember the least. Sadly, North isn't going to be able to recall wearing those fabulous gladiator flats or how Jaden Smith performed at her party.

So, maybe skip the Ferris wheel. For obvious reasons.

What was your baby's first birthday like?

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