Koffi flees Zambia

Koffi OlomideFRENCH police have listed Congolese rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide ‘Mopao Mokonzi’ on the catalog of Interpol’s wanted persons in that country following his alleged involvement in a sexually related case which is currently before the court in Paris.

And the 54-year-old multi-award winning performer is now being sought by his fellow countryman Kayembe Kaloji Wa Musongo, who promoted his latest shows in Lusaka last month.

After performing his show in Kitwe, Koffi was scheduled to proceed to South Africa for another show, but according to reputable sources, the singer avoided landing in an Interpol stronghold country owing to his sexual related offence case in Paris and instead decided to head back to Congo.

However, the source explains that Koffi had already been given down payment for the show in South Africa including 19 Zambezi Airlines air tickets for his band and crew.

“After Koffi performed in Lusaka, Kayembe went ahead to prepare for Koffi’s show in South Africa while Koffi was having his last show in Kitwe. So the following day after the show Koffi told the local promoters that he had business to do in Congo and so he needed to go back to Congo,” the source said.

The source narrated that after believing his story, the local promoters who were aware of his schedule in South Africa released him only to be informed a few hours later that the singer was shying away from Interpol in South Africa.

“The problem was that Kayembe had already started selling tickets for his shows in South Africa and had also booked air tickets for the band, so he called the Zambian promoters and instructed them not to release him,” the source disclosed.

“So the Zambian promoters now panicked, went to his hotel and found he was gone. It’s like he told the sponsors of the show in Kitwe that Kayembe wanted to dupe him by forcing him to perform in South Africa without any payment.”

The source said the sponsors of the Kitwe show bought the story and helped him with three motor vehicles, among them a mini-bus.

“After seeing that Koffi had left the hotel, the promoters informed police in Kitwe who made a strong chase on Koffi’s vehicles but it’s like their cars were moving very fast and the police couldn’t catch them, so they informed the immigration office at the Kasumbalesa border post to detain the singer.”

“At the border, immigration officers managed to detain his dancers who were on one of the vehicles and waited for the singer who also signed a contract with Kayembe for a performance in South Africa,” the source narrated.

The source said Koffi got wind of the development at the border and using his contacts and managed to pass through the stitches of the police drag nets into Congo without having his passport stamped.

“His friends from the border told him of the situation and arranged for a motorbike for him which he rode through the forest into Congo. The police still managed to get him there but the man is powerful in that country and so he was out of police custody after some time,’ said the source.

The source explained that his band members were released from detention at the border on grounds that they did not sign a contract with Kayembe.

Meanwhile, kongotimes.info reports that Koffi has not returned to France following allegation that he smuggled into the country four of his ex-dancers who were under age at the time.

The paper reports that Koffi is alleged to have been involved in some sexually related offences involving the dancing girls in a flat he rented for them in the French Capital and that he fled that country after police started pursuing him.

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