Nuhu Ribadu enters race for President

nuhu_RibaduThe race for the presidency of the Federal Republic widened yesterday with the formal entry of former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] Malam Nuhu Ribadu, who told reporters in Abuja that he would be on a mission to “remake Nigeria.” He however declined to name the party on whose platform he will run. Speculations were however rife that he will seek the ticket of either the Action Congress of Nigeria [CAN] or the Labour Party.

Speaking at an informal gathering in Abuja, Ribadu expounded his vision and mission, which he said would transform the country remarkably.

He said, “I want to remake Nigeria. Remake means a new thing, a fresh thing, a fresh hub, a chance for us to love ourselves, to build a nation out of our own country.

“I want to immediately, instantly provide those basic things. They are so important to us. I must insist that we must have security immediately. Instantly, there is no time to waste on that. I want to see that we can immediately solve the problem of power. I will come out with my programme and policy. It is not something you can give in one word.”

On corruption, he simply said, “I want to make a full stop to corruption finally.”

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