Why Genevieve Loves to Act with Majid Michael

genevive_nnajiThe Love Affair between flimsy Genevieve & Majid comes as a surprise to many fans who have expressed disappointment or fate.

Genevieve can not seem to forget even after Majid Michael Secretly he hired paparazzi camera men to tape their loving means at his residence.

“I do not know if after juju or what but she can not forget this boy Ghana” a Genevieve assistant disclosed to the African Star exclusive. However, sources said Genevieve was not alone; Hood Nolly other actresses are also falling for the actor light skin. In the recent movie, ‘Silent Scandal “Genevieve could not wait for breaks during the shooting juicy to lavish kisses on the lips of Majid. A camera man who was on the scene told an African Star reporter in Nigeria.

Deeply in love with him even though she aware that he had sex with Mercy Johnson and Yvonne Nelson among others, “that does not bother Genevieve at all, a source said.

The rumor which love is now turning into a reality started When Genevieve decided to meet with Ghana’s flamboyant actor Michael Majid at a discrete location after a movie shoot in Ghana, she felt it would be a one-night stand where both measures would discuss their common intimacy, have sex and leave each other.

After the meeting, Genevieve was really pissed to realize that Majid Secretly took pictures of her during that meeting. A Tipster hinted that the African Star Majid called Genevieve and apology for the leakage of the secret sex pictures and confessed that he was in love with her. In tears, Genevieve also pledged her love for Majid but warned him to keep it very secret and discreet as usual.

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