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Voluptuous up-and-coming Nollywood star, Chika Agatha Oguine popularly known as Chika Agatha is fast becoming a face that cannot be ignored in the movie industry, both for her talent and captivating figure. Chika recently caused an uproar when her pictures, revealing massive boobs surfaced on the internet. The Sex on the Beach, Sons of Zebedee star in this exclusive interview with Showtime Celebrity, talks about her career, sex and relationship. Excerpts: 
For people who don’t know you, briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Chika Agatha Oguine even though the media somehow has decided to throw away my surname and just tag me Chika Agatha
When did you start acting?
I started acting in 2012. That was the year I left school, University of Nigeria. 2012 was also my service year too, so instead of just wasting my time doing nothing in the Federal Ministry office where I was posted for my primary assignment as a youth corper, I decided to take a step forward, come down to Lagos after to pursue my dream.
How has it been so far?
It’s been so good. I can’t even believe that within two years, I have gotten to this point where people will call in and say “I saw your movie on Dstv, I watched you on AIT” and there was even this soap Sons of Zebedee that was shown in the UK. When my cousins from the UK called me, I was like, ‘Are you serious? Am I that big now?’
So, I’m in between finding how to get a balance so my name doesn’t even grow bigger than I am, because there is going to be a big problem in my mind if my name is bigger than me. I believe I ought to be bigger than my name and not the other way round. I’m trying to stay on top of things but everything is happening so fast- it’s been God all the way
What would you say is your most successful movie so far?
For the most successful, I can’t really say because most of the movies I’ve done are not even aired in Nigeria to start with. So, the only ones they’ve seen are all those commercial movies that are not shown in the cinemas and the ones that were done for the cinemas are not yet out. So, if you ask my most successful movie, I can’t really say for now because all of them are not out.
What is your latest movie?
Sex on the Beach, starring myself, Moyo Lawal, Mercy Macjoe, Sam Sunny, Ero Josh.  It’s in the market right now. Every video vendor or film shop should have the movie Sex on the Beach and Temple of the Serpent. They’re like the latest movies in which I featured out in the market now. I’ve been getting so many comments on my facebook page and on different social platforms.
Who inspired you to go into acting?
It’s just been there since my cradle days. It’s something that I just felt I’m going to end up doing because I have always watched myself grown in front of a mirror, looking at myself and making some faces and all.
But then again, when I watched movies, I try to see why this person did this and that. What was the character? I tried to mimic those things that they did and tried to see if I could get close to what they’ve done or to see if I really did it well the way they did it. So, it’s just about me finding what I like to do. Sometimes, when I watch a movie, I get lost in it.
I’m not aware of my immediate environment. That is what makes me happy. I find happiness when it comes to art and media. I’m not talking about acting alone but entertainment as a whole. It makes me happy and I think whatever makes you happy will fetch you good money.
You recently released some bikini photos of yourself online. Where did you take those photos?
How Linda Ikeji got my pictures, I don’t know. To tell you the truth, those pictures were from the set of Sex on the Beach and I wasn’t the only person wearing bikini.
We had the likes of Moyo Lawal wearing bikini, most of us were all wearing bikinis but it was just me posted online by Linda Ikeji and I got calls saying ‘Chika, I saw your pictures on Lindaikeji’ . Some even said I paid Linda to put my pictures. I don’t know who Lindaikeji is. This is my phone, you can check. I don’t have her contact. I’ve not even seen her before in my life. People even have Lindaikeji app on their phone, I don’t even have it.
At first, I was shocked and I kept on calling my friends, I just kept on calling people who I know probably must have posted the pictures but all of them said they weren’t the ones.
I called my publicist and he said he wasn’t the one. It is still a mystery to me up to now, I do not know. But whoever did that sure has done so much good for me because at a point, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is bad press but someone told me, my dear, there’s nothing like bad press in Nollywood’. So, I’m now beginning to adjust to it and its okay, its fine.
Your boobs are very big, are they natural?
I’ve never ever dreamt of going under the knife, whether for my boobs or for my body. I think God has created me perfectly. I am beautiful and I know that. I don’t need to go under the knife to enhance anything on my body. I just need to stay in shape, keep fit and that’s it. I’m good to go.
What’s your bra size?
The last I checked, it was a 44DD.
Do you think your boobs assist you in getting movie roles?
I’ve never heard in Nollywood where your boobs or your physical features get you a role. There are so many people out there who have bigger boobs but that’s not the key. This acting thing is a craft that you always have to keep improving on.
You always have to keep in trend and keep up with new challenges. In this business, if you have nothing to offer, nobody would call you. It does not matter whether you have big boobs or big bumbum, it doesn’t really matter but then again, it is just an added advantage. But the most important thing is to know your craft, then every other physical value can follow.
Can you go nude in a movie?
I’m not going to go nude in our Nigerian movies because it’s not in our culture.
I mean who wants to see you in a nude movie here and still say you’re a good person? People would have to make criticisms. Have you watched Twelve Years a Slave? Did you see the part where Lupita Nyong’o had to go naked when she had to receive some lashes of the whip on her back? That is technical directing.
She was nude but there was no clear view she was actually nude. It was professional. If I have someone like that who is ready to direct me in that kind of movie and I have a team of people that are very professional in the acting thing, Why not? I would take a shot. I would take all my shots to be on that set but you can’t expect me to act nude in Nigerian movies. I will not go nude, totally nude like, no pant or bra, for any movie in Nigeria.
In a recent interview you said don’t believe in love, why?
I have come to understand that love means different things in Nigeria. Different things make people fall in love. It could be money, it could be sex, it could be for companionship, it could be for whatever reasons of which some are not really acceptable to me. The only people who have really shown me what love is, are my parents especially, my dad. If it’s the way Nigerians have reduced love to buying chocolate and ice cream, I guess everybody is in love then.
How do you deal with your male admirers?
You all know how I handle them. Since they are in love, there are always bills there to pay so they would have to run away.
It’s not like I tell them to pay my bills though, but I have seen that in Nigeria, the only way you can actually chase a man out of your life is to tell him, ‘I need this, I need that’.
For some who can actually give that, I don’t tell them to pay my bills, I don’t give them that option because I know they are ready to pay and all that, but I try to let them know I am not the kind of girl you can buy off with a gift or money. If that is the way to have a relationship, I should have about five now, but I am looking for something out of the ordinary. I’m sorry if I’m asking for too much but who am I not to.
Do you believe in vibrators?
Why do I have to get a vibrator when there are so many able men out there? It could be helpful for some people who do not have relationships but seriously, Nigerian guys are very able bodied men.
Personally, I don’t believe that. If you want to have a good sex, you should have one of your friends that you have feelings for, even if you guys are not really dating. Believe it or not, some men don’t like to be committed to a woman and don’t believe in dating.
Instead of jumping around from one place to the other with loads of people you don’t really know, it’s safer to do it with someone you know, someone close to you, someone you can actually give yourself to. Not for payment of any kind or for exchange of money.
I don’t believe in that kind of thing. I mean, if a guy walks up to me and tells me I’m going to pay you this for doing this, it might actually even turn me off. That’s why I’m me. I don’t know how other girls do that, but sex for me shouldn’t depend on how much you can give me because I may probably have sex with you but never come. I mean who wants to have sex and not come? It’s really annoying.
What would make you climax during sex?
For me, it’s really something out of the physical. It’s more of psychological than sex itself because I could have sex and not come but what makes me come is who the person is, what feelings I have for the person. That is why I can never have sex with someone I don’t have feelings for because I might not come.
If you have feelings for the person, how many times can you come in a session?
It depends on how good he is, but it’s not like it’s a must for me to come during sex. It depends on how good the guy is and I just have to like you very much for me to go down there. Most people won’t talk about this but I have to talk about it because it’s a real life situation.
I have actually started seeing someone but we’re not that serious at the moment because I’m trying not to rush things. Here in Nigeria, people feel that when you have sex with someone, the next thing is to have relationship with them but it doesn’t work that way with me. If you feel like doing it, it’s better to be safe than to just go about doing it with just anybody. When you have someone you like, I think it’s better to be safe.
What is your philosophy of life?
My philosophy of life has always been ‘Live and let live’. If I live and you live and everybody is happy, everybody goes on smiling. Another one I can’t forget is never to regret anything. I never regret anything that I do because I would have done better if I knew wiser. So, I have resolved not to regret anything I do in life. I just try to get better in anyway I can.
What more should people expect from you?
Let them expect a lot of mind-blowing movies from me. For those who have not gotten a view of my full cup size, they should sit back and relax because much of that will be coming.
There’s this thing they say that sex sells. So, even if you’re not doing anything relating to sex, it’s okay to show some few romance scenes in the movies so it can sell the movie.
You mustn’t necessarily show all your body parts but you have to wear something sensual and that’s what movie is all about. I’m not talking about porn here because I can never ever do porn but sometimes you need to constructively do your acting thing and bring it out so people can say ‘Oh wow’ and things like that.
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