Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, finally opened up on his crashed marriage

femi and ex wifeAfrobeat maestro, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, has finally opened up on his crashed marriage. The musician, who is currently in Paris, France where he is due to perform at the biggest African music festival in Europe, spoke to The Sun newspaper and recalled how he met and married Funke, his ex-wife and mother of his first son, Made. He also spoke about other intimate issues. It is vintage Femi – candid, honest and brutally frank!

What has been your experience in collaborating with musicians like Wizkid and the rest?

It is okay.

Did you expect the kind of acceptance ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ is receiving?

Yes, because I know what I put inside. It is like cooking a pot of soup without putting spices that will make it sweet, it will just be an ordinary pot of soup. People might like it because they are hungry to eat. It was already a good music I just put a bit of energy that enhanced creativity and that was easy because I already like the music.

Would you still do more with upcoming Nigerian artistes?

Yes, I will do more. I get a lot of people asking me to do collaboration with them. My problem now is that I have to finish my next album. There are many people that I have already promised. The next person now might just be Nneka, who is asking me to do something for her. I might, it all depends. My next album must come out next year and I most compose 12 to 14 songs in four months time. I have already done a lot in my life to start thinking of new music; it’s impossible right now for me.

Because of Made, maybe you and Funke see to talk about common things but we are shocked to see her sitting next to you at ‘Femi Segun’s burial?

She is the mother of my child and we are very friendly, we even call each other. At least, what I manage to do is not to let the breakup affect Made first of all, and our relationship. Human beings must fight. There must be misunderstanding sometimes. It is now left to us if we are matured enough to overcome these problems. To some people, breakup is so bitter that they end up hating each other. I manage to take my hatred and throw it away, and still respect her as a human being and the mother of my son, and most importantly for the love of my son who needs his mother. If she too understands that he needs his father then we must get rid of our misunderstanding. He was the one at the church who said ‘please sit beside my mother’; I had to oblige him. I could have refused because I went with my girlfriend, so I told my girlfriend not to be annoyed and she understood.

Does it mean you and Funke may come back as husband and wife?

I doubt it. But you never know. You never know what God has in plan for you. What if you say never and something just happens? If they told me she would leave my house one day, I would have said it is impossible. So, if she comes back one day, you never know what can happen. One sickness can hook you down and she might be the person by your bedside, what would happen? I don’t pray for it but you never know what God has in plan for you. So, I am not the one that tempts fate. Right now, I am content, I am happy, we are friendly and my children are also happy.

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