Women Who Bleach Have Inferiority Complex” Nolly Wood Actress Jennifer Eliogu Speaks

Jennifer ElioguFor Jennifer Eliogu, beauty has nothing to do with your complexion.
The Nollywood actress and singer shares her thoughts on the never ending topic – skin bleaching.
Yes you can roll your eyes, because every day, in every house, in every friend group, it is always being discussed.
In an interview with Punch, she shares that the trend may be because of insecurities.

“I cannot speak for others because it depends on the reason why they want to be light-skinned. For some people, it is because they have skin pigmentation or the skin colour is not uniform and they want to change it. I don’t know what their reasons are but I feel that for a dark-skinned person to want to tone their skin colour to be completely fair, it has to do with low self esteem.” she says.

Jennifer who recently premiered the video for her song Fantasy, continues by saying “If you are comfortable with the way you are, then you would not want to change your skin colour. If God wanted you to be fair, he would have made either of your parents fair. He would have made you come from that background but when you are not like that and you want to recreate yourself, then it has to do with self esteem. It is a different thing to want to tone up a little bit and enhance the beauty of your skin but bleaching, changing from dark to fair, I think it has to do with low self esteem. People have the impression that fair people are noticed more. For me, it is not about the colour of your skin but what you have in your head. It is about your behaviour and character.”

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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