Sovereignty: The cry of nations

Of what essence is to be in a marriage or relationship if all you get is heartache, distrust, infidelity, pain, anger, frustration, molestation, humiliation, intimidation, marginalization, oppression, assault and battery, stress, nightmares and shame?
Would it not be better for such marriage to dissolve and the contending parties go their separate ways? Is it not much better to be single and happy than to be married but sad and depressed?
The court either civil or traditional has provided a platform where married couples can dissolve their relationship. Every society has been witnessing series upon series of divorces taking place equally in the lives of both the poorest and the richest in the societies. In recent times divorce has metamorphosed from being the sad ending to happy ending. The common term that portrays or depicts the act of divorce is usually “irreconcilable differences”. Absolutely! Irreconcilable differences are a good ground for a divorce to take place especially when both parties acknowledge that they cannot get along as couples anymore.

Bringing this notion back into this 21st century wherein some people or community or a society or a combination of all wishes to be sovereign. Alan James (in Hideaki Shinoda, 2000, 4) defines sovereignty as “constitutional independence”. Notwithstanding, in my own terms I would like to define “sovereignty” as a divine, natural, human, economical, social, judicial, political and constitutional right for a people to call themselves a nation and also to independently govern themselves”.  Under every circumstance, it is a natural, basic and unquestionable right for a people to have judgment over their own affairs and also to assume their statehood by themselves. For human sake, we are no more in the 19th century. The time of slave trade and royal conquest are long gone. This is the 21st century, wherein we all claim and assume to be modern, civilized, extremely more advanced, educated and liberal than the caveman. But yet some governments do still display attitudes and behaviors that are peculiar to the time of King Leopold II of Belgium, Queen Victoria of England and King Louis Philippe of France. The times are long gone when these nations attacked, conquered and took hostage (as slaves or servants) of their subjects or victims. Today, when we look back at the history of the aforementioned time of old, we shudder and condemn those cruelty and efficacious brutality. However, on high note it is a sad and shameful issue that even in this present century, such evil and ugly clampdown, suppression and oppression is still exiting and is even strongly upheld by many governments in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, Middle-East and the world at large. Both the rich powerful nations, as well as the poor weak nations are grooming and practicing this inhumane act

It must be recognized and acknowledged that no people have full right over another people. In addition, under no circumstance should a people assume head over another people. In the words of Reverend Martin Luther King “all men are created equal”, and thus will I say that all people, community and nations also. Therefore, it is outstandingly noble, justifiable and credible for a nation and her government to allow a people that wish to have their own sovereignty or to lead their lives or to determine their fate to be able to do so freely and unconditionally. It is their natural and divine right, and should not be denied of them by another people or sovereign nation. I strongly believe that sovereignty is an attribute of human existence, its social, mental and economical liberation. This is strengthened by the cultural and peculiar distinct features including the language, traditional rites, and way of life that are associable with each different people. These features dictate that a people are entitled to their own self and natural acclaimed sovereign right.

Based on these facts and notes, these nations should release their subjects to be free and independent. An adage in Ibo language says that “water and oil cannot mix together” In other words, lion and lamb can never be friends. The best is for them to be separated and share a common border. Therefore, until real freedom, equality and justice is established unanimously, obeyed as well as upheld, I seriously doubt if humanity can be ever fulfilled.  

This evil must stop now!! This evil does not need to be debated anymore nor does it require any compromise. These people of nations have cried and suffered enough. Sovereignty is a God given right to every peculiar people.

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