Husband Dumps Nigerian Actress ‘Uche Iwuji’

Uche iwujiA year and three months after their marriage, Juwon Lawal, husband of Nollywood actress, Uche Iwuji has sent her away from their matrimonial home over issues relating to adultery.

Sources said the relationship had crashed since December 2013, but the estranged husband just released a statement after many weeks of denials, during which the duo tried to see if they could patch things up.

It was learnt that Lawal, an international businessman, discovered his wife for allegedly having a secret affair with a married chief executive officer of a bank (name withheld), who is a Yoruba man.

More heartbreaking was Lawal’s discovery that his lovely wife had sent the man several of her naked pictures through her blackberry phones apart from other erotic messages they exchanged.

Lawal, unable to bear the heartbreak, travelled abroad to calm his nerves amidst appeals by Uche Iwuji for forgiveness, as well as pleas not to make the issue public.

But a statement from Status and Living Media on behalf of Lawal to the effect that the marriage had finally crashed also said he was proceeding to the court to give a legal seal to the separation.

“This should serve as the official statement confirming the end to the marriage formalized on Friday, 16th November 2012 between the CEO of ABD Fuels Plc, Mr. Juwon Rasak Lawal and actress Uche Iwuji”, read a part of the statement.

“Already, the court processes are on to give a legal seal to the separation. Mr. Lawal was in Europe on a business tour when the story first broke through the media.

This was the reason he could not react appropriately to it, plus the fact that he felt the event could be redeemed. Although he would not want to talk about the reasons for the separation, Mr. Lawal is not married anymore to Miss Iwuji. And he will like to treat his estranged wife’s case as ‘once a friend, always a friend’”.

You may remember Uche Iwuji post in 2012 that says  “Marrying a Yoruba man has always been my dream. I speak Yoruba fluently and I have always prayed to marry from that tribe. Now I thank God that has come to pass” ~Uche Iwuji (Novembers 21, 2012)

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