You have to be sexy to be a video vixen – Cinci Ezekiels

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You have to be sexy to be a video vixen – Cinci Ezekiels

Cinci Ezekiels is a video model, those beautiful and sexy girls that add luscious picture to the sound produced by the musicians. They don’t sing they only interpret the songs and beats in dances that deliver the music to us more like a movie. Cinci is A-list and one of the best in a trade fast becoming top notch. She has worked with the likes of Brandy, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, D’Banj, Psquare, Tuface Idibia, you name it. She knows her onions and makes sure we are let into her ‘dancing world in this chat. Excerpts:
Who’s Cinci; where is she coming from and where is she going?

I am Cynthia Cinci Ezekiels, a professional dancer/ choreographer and a video vixen. In my early 20s, an Ijaw from Bayelsa state. I  am the last child of my parents. I started dancing from a very tender age, and professionally since 2004. I  have worked with all the Nigerian celebrity artistes and still working with them. I have also worked with top directors  and international artistes like Brandy, Mario, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Fat Joe, Usher and many others. I believe in dreams and I don’t let words bring me down. I see my self working with top celebrities abroad more.


At home, I have done videos with top Nigerian celebrity artistes like Tuface Idibia, D’banj, P-square,  J. Martins, Iyanya, Timaya, Terry G ,VIP of Ghana, Omawumi, May D, Samklef, Burna Boy, Olamide and so many others.

What made you choose dancing as a career instead of acting or even singing?

Dancing is an act too. What we do is  interpret the song with dancing, pass a sort of  message with our  dancing, so,it is an act of its own. Whenever I am dancing I imagine myself in another world, a world of peace and bliss. I have so much passion for it that it brings me joy whenever I am doing it. I can’t see myself doing any other thing. This is my dream and I have followed my heart to my dream.

But don’t you think you would be more popular and maybe richer as an actress, model or singer?

I choose dancing because I  am blessed with it. I didn’t learn how to dance,  it is a talent God blessed me with, and I don’t intend to let it go. Dancing is my passion, I followed my dream and I believe it would have been a sin not to explore and put to test my God-given talent. Possibly, I might look into other aspects of entertainment later in life but for now I am having a ball with my dancing career.

What does it take to make it to be a top video vixen?

To make it as a professional dancer you have to carve out your own style; be different and evolve your own uniqueness that sets you aside from others. This job is like a never-ending competition so you must always be on top of your game. It is a job where you pay attention to every little detail of your life and you can’t afford slipping for a minute; either in the way you look or how you package yourself. Yes, you must be beautiful, have the right attitude. If you are not fine and you don’t have the face you can’t be a vixen. To be a vixen you must be sexy and know how to move. Sometimes when we go for auditioning, regardless of the fact that you have been overworked or stressed out only three girls out of over thirty could be chosen for a job. That is how challenging this job is. And sometimes the costumes brought by the stylist might not fit the  lead girl and whoever the costume fits among the major girls will take the role of the lead girl.

In the course of doing your job haven’t you come up against sexual harassment?

Yes I have but most times it comes from the fans and I know how to handle that with care. But most importantly, how you carry yourself matters a lot. You must have air about you that convey seriousness about what you want. It is always strictly business for me, no familiarity. When I  am on set, I do my business and leave as soon as I am done

But the way you girls  expose vital parts of the body can be tempting

Yes it is, but it is for the cameras, not our own doing, it is what the director wants and we must deliver.

You have worked with  many popular artistes, which one of them has been particularly memorable?

D’ Banj, MI, Tuface Idibia, Terry G, Faze, Banky W,  Davido and some others

Why are you called video vixen and what is the difference with being a choreographer?

Vixen is a video model who can move sexy and can make use of her body when she sees  the camera (camera friendly) and it doesn’t matter the size of  the model; fat or tin, and must play any role  given to  her by the director. But Choreographer can be defined as a person or an individual who merges two or more movements to make a dance routine or a choreographer can  also be defined as one who is skilled and has the ability to create and arrange movements within a large number of individuals. I am called a vixen because I know the  job, my job as a video model (vixen), I  am hot, sexy, camera friendly with cute face and hot body, and then, I can move.

Do you  have to be sexy to be a successful video vixen?

Yes of course, to be a vixen you have to be extremely  hot and sexy.

What are your  selling points?

My face, first of all, then my complexion and my figure. My backside is not too big so I can control it according to the song or  the beat . People know me particularly well for the way I use my backside to dance.

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